30+ Demon Slayer Quotes that Fans of the Series Remember

The writers behind the anime series made sure that these Demon Slayer quotes packed a powerful punch. Viewers enjoy the series for the captivating story, and the wisdom of the characters gives the plot depth.
Here’s a list of some of the best quotes from Tanjiro, Rengoku, and more supporting characters in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Quotes: Tanjiro

Tanjiro Kamado follows his heart as the protagonist of Demon Slayer. He joins the Demon Slayer Corps on a mission to kill demons while hunting for a cure. He needs to transform his sister Nezuko Kamado back into a human. She was forced to turn into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji, King of Demons. Tanjiro will not rest until he saves her and stops other demons from turning other innocent people like his sister.

Here are some of his best Demon Slayer quotes.

“However, life can be as fickle as the weather. Constantly changing, never stagnating. It won’t always stay sunny, but snowfall doesn’t last forever either. And whenever happiness meets its end, it always carries the smell of blood.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Those who regretted their own actions, I would never trample over them. Because demons were once human too. Just like me, they were human too.” -Tanjiro Kamado

Demon Slayer Quotes

“Breathe all the way into my fingertips! Meditation boosts concentration.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“I can do it. I know I can do it. I’m the guy who gets it done, broken bones or not. No matter what, I can do it! I can fight!” -Tanjiro Kamado

“No matter how many people you may lose, you have no choice but to go on living — no matter how devastating the blows may be.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“I swear your big brother will save you no matter what!” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Use your head, not just your spirit. Think think think.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Work at it. All I can do is work hard! That’s the story of my life!” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Remember, it’s the heart that drives people so it can grow as strong as you need it to.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Use your head, not just your spirit. Think think think.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Use your head, not just your spirit. Think think think.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“Head-on battles are simple. Whoever’s stronger and faster wins.” -Tanjiro Kamado

Demon Slayer: Rengoku Quotes

One of the nine greatest Demon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro Rengoku plays a major role in the series. He says some of the most profound Demon Slayer quotes. We’ve listed our favorites below.

“Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life. It’s precisely because we age and die that our lives have value and nobility. Strength is not a word that means much in regard to the flesh.” -Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer Quotes

“Life is a series of decisions. You never have unlimited options or unlimited time to think, but what you choose in that instant defines who you are.” – Kyojuro Rengoku

“However, if you bare your fangs at innocent people, my bright red flame blade will burn you to the bone!” – Kyojuro Rengoku

“Whatever path you walk you’ll be a great person! You have a burning passion in your heart! So let’s do our best! Let’s work hard in life! Even if we’re lonely!” – Kyojuro Rengoku

“Go ahead and live with your head held high. No matter how devastated you may be by your own weakness or uselessness, set your heart ablaze. Grit your teeth and look straight ahead. Even if you stop and crouch down, time won’t wait for you or snuggle you and grieve along with you.” – Kyojuro Rengoku

“Life is a series of decisions. You never have unlimited options or unlimited time to think, but what you choose in that instant defines who you are. Warriors who strive to save other people’s lives are precious. Their pure and single-minded dedication is separate from their natural talent. They don’t risk their lives to earn praise. They simply feel that they must. What they choose in that moment, is a cry from the depths of their souls. Isn’t that right… my friends?” – Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer Quotes on Combat

Whether it’s Zenitsu Agatsuma learning Thunder Breathing or Tanjiro training to take on Muzan Kibutsuji, Demon Slayer is filled with fighting. A lot of Demon Slayer quotes revolve around training, honor, and the mental strength you need to win in combat.

Here are some of the best quotes on fighting from the anime series.

Demon Slayer Quotes

“All of your emotions, I’ll carry them into the battlefield.” -Tanjiro Kamado

“The weak have no rights or choices. Their only fate is to be relentlessly crushed by the strong!” -Giyu Tomioka

“Swords break easily.” -Sakonji Urokodaki

“I’m gonna guzzle your brain through your ears!” -Tongue Demon

“For over a hundred years I committed pointless acts of carnage. It’s a horribly sad… laughable… and ridiculous story.” -Akaza

Demon Slayer Quotes

“I won the battle but lost the war!” -Zenitsu Agatsuma

“Feel the rage, the powerful, pure rage of not being able to forgive will become your unswerving drive to take action.” -Giyu Tomioka

“Become the most durable blade of all! Hone that one thing to perfection!” -Jigoro Kuwajima

Demon Slayer Quotes

“Train to death. At the end of the day, there is nothing else you can do.” -Makomo

“Give me back the blood I bled for you!” -Zenitsu Agatsuma

“When you lose to someone smaller than you, it destroys your soul!” -Hashibira

Inspiring Quotes from the Series

Like most anime series, Demon Slayer weaves deeper themes into the narrative. Here are some of the inspiring, thoughtful messages from the series.

Demon Slayer Quotes

“If you master one, that’s cause for celebration.” -Zenitsu Agatsuma

“If you call yourself a man! There’s no other way to go but forward!” -Sabito

Demon Slayer Quotes

“Don’t ever give up. Even if it’s painful, even if it’s agonizing, don’t try to take the easy way out.” -Zenitsu Agatsuma

“It’s alright to cry. It’s alright to run away. Just don’t ever give up. -Jigoro Kuwajima

Demon Slayer Quotes

Did your favorite of the Demon Slayer quotes make the list? Which character do you think got the best lines? Let us know in the comments!


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