‘The Family’ Movie Review: Addams Family Values Meets The Sopranos

The title may be generic, but the premise of Luc Besson’s The Family is very clever. It’s not everyday that you get to see a mob film centered on a family placed in a witness protection program by choice. Giovanni Manzoni aka “Fred Blake” (Robert De Niro) has relocated to the countryside in Normandy with his wife and children, after ratting out his former colleagues. But the Blake Family can’t seem to shake their gangster mentality, and staying out of trouble is easier said than done. On top of that, they must learn to adjust to their new surroundings, which finds them thousands of miles away from Brooklyn.

What’s so great about the new action-dramedy is aside from the iconic group of actors – which includes Michelle Pfeiffer – the characters are extremely identifiable. Warren (John D’Leo) is cast in a nerd-like role as he battles bullying, while his sister Belle (Dianna Agron) must prove to her French peers that beauty is only skin deep. These scenarios may sound pretty boring on paper, but how the performers deal with their social crises is hilarious to watch. Whether that means blowing up a local supermarket for trash-talking US culture, or beating a plumber to a pulp for overcharging to fix faulty pipes around the house, The Family delivers quite a few laughs despite such a serious script. And while some fans may feel cheated by the movies two leads for being cast in somewhat lazy, yet familiar roles, their young counterparts steal the spotlight.

Judging by the previews, it’s difficult to tell if The Family is worth meeting, but this interesting take on the gangster genre is certainly worth your popcorn money, as it sheds light on other aspects of being married to the mob that are really entertaining.

Watch the official trailer below!


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