‘2 Guns’ Review: Just the Right Amount of Entertainment

2 Guns Review
2 Guns Review

2 Guns takes the audience on an enjoyable and entertaining ride as it follows two undercover agents (Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg) who are infiltrating a drug cartel and have plans to take them down by robbing them of their money. Both Washington and Wahlberg have no idea that the other one is also an undercover agent, so immediately after hitting up the bank is when things start to get a bit crazy as they both have orders from their agencies to take the money from each other. But that’s not the worst part; after the showdown ends between the two, their agencies end up turning their backs on them. Now they both have to learn to trust each other to solve an even bigger issue. Who’s money did they really steal?

Now it’s the two agents versus the world because it’s not only their former agencies and drug cartel that are out to get them, but it’s also another party as well who is looking to get their money back. The story is simple and fun, and the direction is nearly flawless outside of a few moments where the story fails to piece certain things together. It has just the right amount of action and comedy to make for a nearly perfect hour and fifty minutes of pure enjoyable entertainment.

With a cast like Washington and Wahlberg, the audience immediately knows that it’s got to be somewhat good. But it goes far beyond that as both actors do such a wonderful job at portraying their characters, making the movie incredibly entertaining with characters that we love to see interact with each other. It’s not just those two guys, it also includes a great supporting cast of Bill Paxton, Edward James Olmos, Paula Patton, and James Marsden – all whom come together incredibly well for this sometimes humorous and always entertaining action flick.

2 Guns is definitely a must see movie for action fans, for fans of the cast, or for fans of movies. That’s right! For fans of movies! So make sure to check out this film as I can’t believe anyone would be disappointed.

Blu-ray features include behind the scenes interviews that go in-depth on the creation process of the movie, speaking with all the cast and production team. It’s definitely something that I enjoyed watching. It also includes deleted and extended scenes, along with feature commentary.

Score: A-


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  1. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about this film and missed it in the theaters but after your review, I’m adding it to the must-see queue. I am most definitely a fan of movies! Thanks for the review.