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Planes Review
Planes Review

Planes is a movie that I was greatly anticipating as I’m a huge fan of aviation. I really love the world of Cars and expected to love the world of Planes even more, and that I did.

Dusty is a likable main character, a crop duster who dreams of being an air racer. After being laughed at for having what seemed to be impossible dreams, he did what he could by continuously training and eventually making a run at the air race qualifiers. It’s a good story about overcoming all doubts and believing in yourself as Dusty eventually finds himself in the main event to compete against the world’s best and fastest airplanes.

The story has a number of ups and downs, and there are even more situations for Dusty to overcome outside of just getting into the race. It’s a long journey and completing the race is a daunting task, but at least he has his supporting crew by his side as he travels from one location to the next.

It’s also fun to see the rivalry take place between Dusty and Ripslinger. Dusty begins to become a bit of an underdog story, stealing the media attention away from Ripslinger, who is a multi-champion of the air race. So as the rivalry begins to take place, Ripslinger and his pals start to play a bit dirty. That’s not the only storyline, though, as there are many small stories that go on during the movie. The audience learns a lot about each character and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I think the story is well told and has good supporting characters that make the adventure even more exciting and fun. I love the different aircraft and their characters as they did a great job picking the right aircraft to play specific roles, and the voice actors did a wonderful job as well. I personally loved the old warbird who struggles with helping Dusty as he has to overcome his own issues. All fans of cars and most certainly fans of aviation will find themselves having a great time watching this movie. Plus, Val Kilmer – Mr. Iceman himself – has a few lines in this movie! There is some aviation related humor for fans to enjoy in this movie as well.

The Bluray comes with some pretty decent special features, but the best of them is “Klay’s Flight Plan” which features the director discussing his passion for aviation and the process they went through in creating an authentic as possible Planes movie. I always love hearing people discuss aviation and their passion for flight, and it’s definitely a nice feature to check out. It also has a “Meet the Racers” feature that introduces each character. The short clips are pretty funny and certainly enjoyable as well. It also has deleted scenes and a “Top 10 Flyers” to check out. Great features all around.

Score: B+


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