The World’s End Review: It’s Time to Boo-Boo

The World's End Review`
The World’s End Review

Grab some friends and start drinking beer as The World’s End takes the audience on the craziest pub crawl ever. It’s about a group of friends who return to their home town 20 years later to complete a quest that they failed to finish when they were younger. Their goal is to hit twelve pubs in one night, reaching the final pub known as The World’s End.

What makes this movie even more entertaining is that nothing gets in the way of lead character Gary King and his quest to achieve the crawl with all four of his friends. Interestingly enough, this includes aliens full of blue blood who have infiltrated the local town with replicated copies of the townsfolk. This is where all the craziness and entertainment comes from. Wouldn’t one think that it’s probably time to get out of a town when it’s been taken over by aliens? Not here! Finishing the crawl and drinking every last beer is far more important!

It’s beyond silly, yet full of laughs and stupidity that entertains throughout. Seriously, what’s better than beer and aliens? Well, besides more beer and aliens. The fight scenes full of blue goo and watching plastic heads go flying across the screen are ridiculous and fun at the same time. It’s even more entertaining when watching Gary King try to finish a beer in the middle of a giant pub brawl full of alien robots. Definitely my favorite scene!

It’s obviously an absurd story, but it’s still perfect to enjoy while sipping on a beer. It’s got plenty of funny moments to appreciate as well with the characters and their personalities. Also, who wouldn’t want to find out how this movie ends? Do they reach The World’s End while being right in the center of an alien invasion? And what happens to the aliens? It’s certainly not a movie that everyone will appreciate, though I think those looking for something on the entertaining and bizarre end of things will find this movie to hit the right spot.

The Blu-ray features include over 60 minutes of extras, featuring Trivia, Deleted Scenes, Commentaries from writers and actors, the making of the movie, and more.

Grade: B-


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