Netflix Announces New Gudetama TV Show

Netflix Gudetama TV Series

Are you a fan of that character from Sanrio named Gudetama? You know, that cute lazy egg yolk that quite notably has a butt crack, sesame seed-looking eyes, and no gender? If so, then you will definitely be happy to know that Netflix has collaborated with Sanrio to create a Gudetama TV show starring who else but the lovable lazy egg.

The announcement came out on Sunday on the Anime News Network and on dozens of global anime and news channels around the world. In a tweet by Netflix Geeked on June 12, 2022, they said that the world’s favorite lazy egg is about to come to life in a brand new adventure. They also released a teaser video with the tweet. The show is set to go live in the latter part of 2022.

The new Netflix series is titled Gudetama An Eggcellent Adventure. But what’s even more eggciting is that the upcoming series is not going to be just another anime. It will be a CG animation combined with live-action content. That’s definitely something to look forward to!

Gudetama TV Show Synopsis

The official release of the new TV series will be sometime this year. If you’re not familiar with Gudetama, it’s a genderless egg that doesn’t have much to look forward to other than becoming someone’s food. Gudetama is lying down as usual in the refrigerator when the energetic chick Shakipiyo comes along and makes him come out. They embark on a rather bizarre adventure in search of their mother.

The Origin of Gudetama

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Gudetama, this egg is one of the more popular characters of Sanrio. In fact, many believe that it is second only to Hello Kitty in terms of popularity.

Created in 2013 by artist Emi Nagashima, also known as AMY, Gudetama is a rather depressed egg yolk. Since it is an unfertilized egg, it will always remain an egg because it has no gender. It is almost always too tired to do anything but lie down on a bed of egg white. It uses bacon for blankets and steaks for pillows.

Gudetama is so lethargic all the time. And strangely enough, audiences of all ages can relate to it. It was in the plan that Gudetama would join the cast of popular Sanrio characters but few expected it to blow up so big. In fact, the character has turned into such a massive global sensation. It had even spawned all sorts of merchandise that consumers can’t get enough of.

Prior to the forthcoming Netflix series, Gudetama has already had its television debut back in 2014. It starred in a 1-minute segment on the weekday morning news program Asa Chan on TBS. In addition, it also appeared in a 5-second news update at 7 am sharp.

For updates on the impending launch of the Gudetama TV show and other new Netflix series, stay tuned to FanBolt!

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