Barton: ‘The O.C. Was So Difficult’

MISCHA BARTON felt creatively stifled and frustrated during her time in hit U.S. series THE O.C.

The 21-year-old actress, who has since moved away from TV into movies, is now determined not to let writers and producers take control of her career.

She says, “You don’t have any creative control and you’re at the mercy of what everybody else wants. You work terribly long hours and a difficult schedule. Sometimes, we would shoot two episodes at once. The only other show to do that was (rival soap Beverly Hills) 90210.”

Barton – who starred in the show for 76 episodes between 2003-2006 – was shocked when she found out her character Marissa Cooper was to die in a car wreck as a ratings-booster at the end of season three.

But the show floundered after her exit and The O.C. was axed midway through its fourth year.

And despite her misgivings, Barton won’t rule out a return to the small screen altogether.

She concedes, “It’s not that I dislike doing television at all. It would be interesting having more creative control over where the storylines go or the characters. But for the right thing, of course.”



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  1. alex.stef wrote: Not that I have something against the writers decision, but it would have been great to keep her for the 4th season too.
    I wish her good luck in her career!

  2. Alexa wrote: They felt like they had done everything with her character on The OC but seriously they could have done more..they are the writers they could have even sent her away for a little instead of killing her…I understand what Mischa is getting at and I do hope she finds projects that she can enjoy more in the future