What Will the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Post-Credits Scenes Be? (Top Fan Theories)

Thor Love and Thunder

Take heart, champions; we needn’t wait much longer. Thor: Love and Thunder is opening in theaters on July 8th, and initial reviews are already surfacing online. And since it’s a Marvel movie, we’re asking the expected question. Does Thor: Love and Thunder have a post-credits scene? Or multiple scenes?

While nothing has been confirmed, fans have some really good theories for what Marvel might tease during the post-credits.

Fan Theories on the Thor: Love and Thunder Post-Credit Scene

Wolverine in the MCU?

What we’d love to see would be the door opened for one specific character, X-Men’s Wolverine, to finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the 2019 deal where Disney acquired 20th Century Fox for $71.3 billion, Disney has had the rights to the X-Men characters. And fans have been waiting for the media giant to finally introduce them into the MCU.

There’s a fan theory video produced by the Everything Always channel, Michael Roman, where he talks about just this. Suggesting that maybe Thor: Love and Thunder will be the introduction we’ve been waiting for. What a perfect post-credit scene would that be?

“They’ve got the rights to everything now,” Roman says. “They can bring adamantium into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and you’ve got to do it if you’re going to introduce Wolverine. Wolverine cannot be too far out, all of the pieces are right there.”

I Am Groot Trailer?

The YouTube channel SuperheroBuzz teases another possibility, highlighting an online source that says one of the Thor: Love and Thunder Post-Credit scenes will be a trailer for the upcoming I Am Groot series, which debuts on August 10 on Disney+. This theory actually makes a lot of sense due to what we already know from the film’s marketing.

“We know that the Guardians are said to have pivotal roles in the film,” the host of SuperheroBuzz states. “The trailer already confirms this – not to mention the merchandise featuring them.”

A Black Panther 2 Tease?

We know that Black Panther 2 is releasing soon. This despite multiple set backs during production from what was described as “stunt rig accident’ with star Letitia Wright.

On May 16, Marvel released a new image (seen below) that shows Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster (Mighty Thor). Below Thompson and Portman in the photo is Bast, the Wakandan goddess that was mentioned in 2018’s Black Panther. So a post-credit tie-in to set up the upcoming film doesn’t seem farfetched.

Thor Love and Thunder Post Credits Scene

Social embargo lifts for the film on June 23, and the review embargo lifts on July 5. So we can expect confirmation on post-credit scenes to follow. Press invited to early screenings have already received a note saying to “refrain from revealing spoilers, cameos, character developments and detailed story points.” So that at the very least confirms some unexpected cameos. 

Are you excited for Thor: Love and Thunder? What do you think about the above fan theories? Do you have theories on what the Thor: Love and Thunder post-credit scenes should be? Sound off in our comment section below! (And be sure to check back for our spoiler-free review on July 8!)


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