Where is Sarah Wayne Callies (aka Lori Grimes) from ‘The Walking Dead’ Now?

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies is an American actress famous for her role in Fox’s Prison Break. She also played Lori Grimes in another hit series, The Walking Dead, created by artist Tony Moore and writer Robert Kirkman.

Sarah also appeared in NBC’s Council of Dads as Robin Perry. Sarah’s first appearance was in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2003 and NUMB3RS. She then got an important role in Prison Break as Sara Tancredi. She appeared on the show for seasons one and two. Her character was killed off in season three but came back in season four.

Like her stint with Prison Break, Sarah only played in the popular TV show The Walking Dead until its third season. She is one of the show’s lead characters. She also has appeared in several TV series and films after. However, these two shows stood out in her filmography.

The Walking Dead
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Lori on The Walking Dead

Lori Grimes is an average middle-aged housewife who lives in Cynthia, Kentucky. When the outbreak began, she and her son Carl (played by Chandler Riggs) left the city. Lori and Carl got help from her husband’s work colleague and best friend, Shane Walsh. Her guilt of leaving her husband, Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln), led her to have a sexual relationship with Shane.

She deeply regretted the act, eventually ignoring Shane’s advances, especially when Rick Grimes miraculously appeared at their campsites. Lori and Rick might have a tearful reunion with Rick’s return. However, Lori still felt guilty about what she and Shane did. Eventually, she ended things with Shane.

The Walking Dead season two saw Rick’s group searching for Carol’s daughter Sophia. As Lori’s group searches for Sophia, they run into Maggie Greene, whose father was the one treating wounded Carl. He was accidentally shot by someone named Otis, who was deer hunting. Hershel Green may have stabilized Carl; however, his wounds resulted in internal bleeding.

The Walking Dead Season 1

While Carl is recovering, Lori feels some strange condition in her body. The pregnancy test kit yields positive results, much to Lori’s panic. Besides realizing that the baby wasn’t Rick’s, she also fears raising her baby, considering their current circumstance.

Eventually, Rick discovered that Lori and Shane used to have a romantic relationship and learned that Lori was pregnant. Rick and Shane’s friendship ends. Shane threatened to kill Rick and replace his place in the family. It was unexpected for Shane; death would be coming his way after Rick stabbed him.

Eight months after leaving the farm, Rick’s group sees a remote prison that turns into their new home. Also, Lori dies in season 3, episode 4 of The Walking Dead. As for Lori, death was slightly unexpected as she died after an emergency C-section.

The Walking Dead Cast
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Sarah Wayne Callies’ Work After The Walking Dead

After appearing for three seasons in The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies played Katie Bowman in the science fiction drama Colony. It aired from 2106 to 2108. It follows characters living in the future just after aliens arrived, and the military took over. The show was a dark project. However, in an interview, Sarah said she’s interested in who people will be after everything is taken away, “whether zombies or aliens.”

Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Holloway Colony
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She also starred in the miniseries Unspeakable in the role of Margaret Sanders. The series is true storytelling of people in the 1980s. The show mainly highlighted those who received blood from the Canadian Red Cross but ended up receiving blood with Hepatitis C and HIV/Aids.

Sarah shared her thoughts on her stint with the Unspeakable. She emphasizes the role of every individual to look out for and take care of each other. Additionally, she highlighted the need to “keep an eye” on public institutions. This ensures that everyone, including the families of people suffering in situations “we don’t have direct experience with.”

After much heavier roles, Sarah moved to something slightly lighter, appearing in two episodes of Letterkenny. She portrayed the role of Nita Dyck.

She then took another mother role, playing Maria in the horror film The Other Side of the Door. The film premiered in 2016. Besides acting, she also ventured into writing and directing the podcast thriller Aftershock. She played Cassie Wallace with David Harbour as Wayne Sharpe, who both had to deal with a huge earthquake.

Being an island girl raised in Hawaii, Sarah got curious about the possible situations that may happen once a new island appears. She added that the fictional podcast thriller was about second chances and forgiveness.

And in 2020, she starred in the short-lived NBC series, Council of Dads which was canceled after its first season.

Sarah Wayne Callies and the cast of Council of Dads
Sarah Wayne Callies, J. August Richards, Clive Standen and Michael O’Neill on the red carpet at the NBCUniversal Winter TCA 2020 / Photo Credit: DFree

Sarah Wayne Callies’ Upcoming Projects

Sarah’s fans should be excited about her being one of the casts of the drama The Company You Keep. She stars alongside Tim Chiou, James Saito, Freda Foh Shen, and Felisha Terrell.

The format comes from the Korean TV series My Fellow Citizens. It follows Charlie, played by Milo Ventimiglia, a con man. He spent a night of passion and eventually developed love with CIA undercover officer Emma, played by Catherine Haena Kim.

The two were not aware that they had a collision course professionally. Charlie ramps up his “family business” to get out of it for good. Meanwhile, Emma’s mission is to close in on vengeful criminals holding the family debts of Charlie in hand. Situations made them reckon with the lies they had told to save their families and themselves from tragic consequences.

Sarah plays Birdie. She is Charlie’s bossy older sister and a bar co-owner they run together. The bar also serves as a front for their illegal family business. Also, she is a single mother to a daughter with a hearing impairment.

Furthermore, her role here is to be an expert on everything technical. She is a vital family member and will never back down on anything to keep them safe. She will do anything, even if it gets in her relationship with Charlie.

Keep an eye on a feisty portrayal of Sarah Wayne Callies in The Company You Keep.

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