Where is Bob Morley (aka Bellamy Blake) from ‘The 100’ Now?

Bob Morley

Robert Alfred Morley, known as Bob Morley, is an Australian actor who is best recognized for his role in The 100. Morley grew up in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia. His mother is a Filipina, and his father is Australian-Irish, who passed when Morley was younger.

His career kicked off with staring in school plays, including Tale from the Vienna Woods, Falling to Perfect. After which, Morley went on to appear in the Australian soap opera Home and Away as Drew Curtis. He received the Most Popular New Male Talent Logie nomination for his portrayal of the character.

In 2009, he appeared in the play Palindrome for a Dead Poet as Lorca. And in 2014, The CW’s The 100 premiered with Morley starring as Bellamy Blake.

Fans were understandably shocked when, with only 3 episodes left in The 100, the character Bellamy Blake was killed off. Seeing as how Bellamy had been apart of the series since the pilot episode, the loss of the character was a huge blow to The 100 fandom.

Bob Morley and The 100 Co-Star Eliza Taylor

Bob Morley and The 100 Co-Star Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor played Clarke Griffin in The 100. The long-brewing romance of their characters in the show came into reality when they both announced their marriage over Twitter. It was in 2019 when Taylor revealed marrying her best friend and soulmate.

Bob Morley, for his part, also shared the same sentiments saying he’s delighted to call Eliza Taylor his wife. No one saw the marriage coming, even fans of the show and ‘Bellarke’ fandom. They may have addressed various questions on the pairing for years, but no one officially disclosed the two’s real-life relationship.

Albeit the surprise announcement, fans were still in awe of Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley. Considering they were a hot topic during the series run, they still made it through dating, engagement, and a wedding without the public knowing! And in March of 2022, the two welcomed their first child, a son.

Bellamy Blake on The 100

In The 100’s first through seventh seasons, Bellamy was a significant character. Bob Morley’s character Bellamy Blake debuted during the series premiere of The 100. Based on showrunner Jason Rothenberg, he was 23 years old when he arrived on earth. On the Ark, Bellamy’s political enemies manipulated him to try to assassinate Chancellor Jaha. An action he deeply regretted after. He was promised a dropship position to send him and his young sister Octavia to earth.

Bellamy was the only one present when her mother gave birth to his little sister. His mother, Aurora, allowed Bellamy to name his sister one of the few people he loved. He chose Octavia as he loves Roman history and mythology. The name is similar to the sister of the Roman emperor, Augustus.

Bellamy The 100

Over the seasons

The first season’s second episode saw Bellamy joining Wells and Clarke as they looked for Jasper. While Bellamy forces Clarke to take off the wristband, Finn Collins shows up, suggesting they split up.

In season two, Bellamy tirelessly worked to find the Delinquents captured by Mount Weather. He and the Sky People were able to adapt to solar radiation. Hence they were immune. Since the Mountain Men were not immune to the radiation, they had to kill the Delinquents to extract the bone marrow and inject them into themselves.

Season seven saw the subsequent absences of Bellamy in the show. During the first episode, Bellamy was kidnapped by The Disciples. He was absent for more episodes in the seventh season than in any other previous season.

Also, during the seventh and final season of the show, during the Blood Giant episode, Clarke Griffin killed Bellamy. This was after he threatened to hand the notebook of Madi Griffin containing the pictures of the future to authorities.

The seventh season also saw the story of Octavia and Echo going full circle when he rescues Octavia from the gunfire between the Disciples and Wonkru.

Additionally, Raven Reyes and Bellamy Clarke might have started off as enemies; however, the two turned into allies as the season progressed.

Bob Morley’s Work After The 100

The 100 series was a significant part of Bob Morley’s acting career. In fact, it introduced him to various projects for film and television. In 2021, he starred in the third season of The Rookie. Also, he played a supporting role in a romantic drama series called Love Me. It is a six-part adaptation of Sweden’s Älska Mig, which features an ensemble cast including Bojana Novakovic and Hugo Weaving.

He also used his influence to organize a t-shirt campaign with his wife, Eliza Taylor. It aims to raise money for the Country Fire Authority, the Australian Red Cross, and the Rural Fire Service during the bushfire crisis in 2019-2020.

Bob Morley’s Upcoming Projects

Bob will again star alongside Eliza Taylor in the sci-fi thriller film I’ll Be Watching. The Iuvit Media Sales will launch the movie for the virtual EFM. The team has yet to announce the release date as the project is now in its post-production stage.

Seth Michaels, who co-heads Benacus Entertainment, expressed their excitement to have Taylor and Morley as the film’s protagonists. Besides the real-life couple, the film also stars David Keith, Hannah Fierman, and Bryan Batt. Keith and Taylor also serve as executive producers of the project.

The film follows a tech genius husband, played by Bob Morley, who leaves on a work trip. Julie, played by Eliza Taylor, who still mourns her sister’s loss, is trapped in a new, isolated home and must fight her fears to stay alive.

Fans of The 100 should be excited about this as this is the first time Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are reuniting on-screen after the hit TV series ended in 2020!

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