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Interview: Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical 3

Interview: Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical 3


What’s it really like to be Vanessa Hudgens? The High School Musical cutie reveals all as she chats about missing her prom, traveling the world and the weird lies written about her in the press…

Is it true you missed out on your high school prom, Vanessa?

Vanessa Hudgens: It is true! I was home schooled, so I didn’t have a prom – but I had one with High School Musical 3. I really enjoyed filming the prom scene and I think it looks amazing on screen.

Are you sad you missed out on a prom?

Vanessa Hudgens: Not really. The after-parties at the premieres around the world were also a lot like proms because we’d all be dressed up so smartly. I’ve had quite a few proms now and they’ve all been really good fun!

What happened at the premiere after-parties?

Vanessa Hudgens: A lot of the events had music blasting and great food – and we’d all dance away. I guess it wasn’t exactly like a prom, but all of my best friends were there and that’s all that matters.

Sound like the HSM3 premieres were very hard work…

Vanessa Hudgens: Ha ha! I really enjoyed the premieres because I love traveling. I’ve always wanted to travel, so visiting these different places withHigh School Musical has been an amazing experience.

Did you get any free time off at the premieres?

Vanessa Hudgens: We didn’t really have time to tour the places we visited, but I would always try the specialty foods in every place. I loved it. Swedish meatballs were my favourite. They were delicious!

Do you have a favourite vacation destination?

Vanessa Hudgens: Well, that depends on what I want to do during the vacation. London is great for shopping, but I love the beach. It’s so relaxing to sit on the sand listening to the waves. I love the sunshine and hot places, so I think I’d prefer to go somewhere exotic today. That might change tomorrow, though!

How would you describe yourself?

Vanessa Hudgens: I’m outgoing, but at the same time I’m quite personal. I guess it depends on the day because I feel more outgoing some days over others. I’m a go-getter. I’m a very passionate person who is very loyal and thoughtful, too.

Is it weird to see your face in newspapers and magazines?

Vanessa Hudgens: It’s crazy to know that most of the things you read about yourself in the press are false. It’s so weird that people take the time to make up these stories. It takes so much more effort than telling the truth, so I don’t understand it at all. It’s such a weird aspect of being famous.

What’s the weirdest lie you’ve seen written in the press?

Vanessa Hudgens: I once read a rumor that I was arrested at a Hollywood party. It was a huge, elaborate story but I was actually in a completely different country when they said it happened. It was crazy!

There was a story that someone tried to attack you and Zac in London…

Vanessa Hudgens: That was completely false, too! We did not get attacked. We were walking out of a theatre and into a car when some guy stumbled along and got caught in the middle of it all. He got carried along with us, but someone was there taking photos and it looked like he was having a go.

That sounds scary…

Vanessa Hudgens: It was a crazy night. The guy was trapped in the car doorway and he was screaming, “I’m normal! I’m normal!” Our bodyguard had to help him get to the side of the road, but I got hit in the face in all the commotion. It was an accident, though.

So how proud are you of High School Musical 3?

Vanessa Hudgens: I’m really proud of this movie. It was so much fun and so exciting filming High School Musical 3. It’s like our thank you to the fans for watching the first and second movie – and it gave us the opportunity to step it up once more to create something even bigger and better. It was a blast.

How did your relationship with Zac affect your on-screen performance?

Vanessa Hudgens: Well, this is our third movie together and we’ve grown up so much together as actors. I think you see that on screen. It makes it all the better because we aren’t afraid to try new things in front of the camera. We are much more creative because we’re very comfortable together.

Have you grown closer to the rest of the HSM cast, too?

Vanessa Hudgens: Sure. All of the cast have grown close and we all know each other so well that we’re all not afraid to try new things. We’re extremely comfortable together and it’s been amazing to be able to grow up on camera with each other.

You sing, dance and act – but which do you prefer?

Vanessa Hudgens: Dancing was a big part of my life, but I would never consider myself a dancer. I adore singing, and music has always been a huge part of my life, but I also enjoy acting.

What do you like about music?

Vanessa Hudgens: I love being in the studio and singing on stage and performing. It’s so much fun. I love every second of it – and I love the way you get to show who you are. I love the way fans are really passionate around the world, so I adore performing and hearing people sing along in different countries. It’s an amazing feeling when that happens. It’s like you’re part of one big family.

When it comes to your music, what inspires you?

Vanessa Hudgens: I relate to all of my songs and I’m inspired by everything going on around me. Music comes from all different aspects of my life. Gone With The Wind is one of my songs that means a real lot to me because it basically says how I’ve grown up. I still have a head on my shoulders, but I’m not that little girl anymore. I like that.

You’re not going to give up acting, are you?

Vanessa Hudgens: No way! Movies and acting are also so much fun. I love playing different characters and doing different genres. It’s all still very interesting to me. In fact, I don’t think I could choose between music and acting, which is why something like High School Musical has been amazing. I get to do both. I couldn’t be happier – or luckier!

Interview By: Emma Loggins

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