Taika Waititi Weighs in on Possibility of ‘Thor 5’ And Surprising Post-Credits Scene

Taika Waititi

Is there another Thor movie in Taika Waititi’s future? The Thor: Love and Thunder director says that he would only direct Thor 5 under certain circumstances. Chris Hemsworth would have to return, and the script would have to be “unexpected.”

“Now, I don’t know what would be next. I would definitely do one, but only if Chris did it,” Waititi tells Insider. “But it would need to be something surprising and unexpected for me to want to do it. Like what would be the new take? The battles and all the fighting is fine, but I would want something that feels unexpected when it comes to the story. Like making just a $5 million movie with no fighting at all, just Thor on a road trip. Like [Alexander Payne’s 2013 film] ‘Nebraska’.”

Thankfully for MCU fans, Hemsworth loves the role of God of Thunder. And he isn’t planning on going anywhere until he’s forced to. 

“I’ll do it until someone says get off the stage,” Hemsworth says. “I love [playing Thor].”

Thor Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi Found Thor: Love and Thunder Post-Credits Scene Surprising

Waititi has also admitted he was surprised by the post-credits in Thor: Love and Thunder that teased “Thor will return.”

That was a surprise to me, too. I’m not joking,” Waititi confirms. “I saw it in the theatre and I was like, ‘Oh, s***. Really?’ Even Chris was like, ‘What?’ But, of course, he’ll be back. He’s the best character. I mean, I may be a little biased, but he’s the most fun to watch.”

“Can I be honest?” Hemsworth asks in an interview with USA TODAY. “I asked Natalie today, I was like, is that you or me? … That was a surprise to me. I literally said that to Natalie, ‘Are they talking about you or me?’ Because I don’t know.”

Thor Love and Thunder First Reactions

Hemsworth confirms that there is no specific plans (that he’s aware of) for Thor’s return, but he’s absolutely game when he’s called back. 

Sounds like Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President), hasn’t revealed what’s next for Thor to Waititi or Hemsworth. But as we venture closer to the end of Phase 4, we do expect more hints for Phase 5 to drop.

“As we’re nearing the end of Phase 4,” Feige says in a June 23 issue of Total Film, “I think people will start to see where this next saga is going.”

“I think there have been many clues already, that are at least apparent to me, of where this whole saga is going,” Feige adds. “But we’ll be a little more direct about that in the coming months, to set a plan, so audiences who want to see the bigger picture can see a tiny, tiny bit more of the roadmap.”

The Second Post-Credits Scene

The second post-credits scene in Thor: Love and Thunder (turn away now to avoid spoilers), involves the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster after her heartbreaking death. After a battle with cancer, that Thor’s mystical hammer Mjolnir tried to help with, Jane finds herself waking up in Valhalla, which is where the gods who die in battle go for their afterlives.

In Valhalla, Jane encounters a friend of Thor’s, Heimdall (played by Idris Elba). He confirms that Jane is now in Valhalla. But what viewers aren’t clear on is whether she will stay there. Things happened very differently in the comics after all.

In the comics’ storyline, after Jane was finished as a Thor, she became a Valkyrie, and given her friendship with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie character in this latest film, there might be something more there if she remains in the MCU.

Thor Love and Thunder Post Credits Scene

What would you like to see in Thor’s future? Would you be excited for a Thor 5? Would you want to see Taika Waititi direct it? Sound off with your thoughts in our comment section below!


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