Interview: Jaimie Alexander from Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground features a outstanding performance by Jaimie Alexander, (Rest Stop, “Kyle XY”) hailed as one of the new generation of “scream queens” by USA Today, alongside Brian McNamara (Arachnophobia, “Billionaire Boys Club”) and Hudson Leick (“Xena: Warrior Princess”). In the scary vein of such classics horror film as Jeepers Creepers and Children of the Corn, David Benullo (Around the World in 80 Days) makes his chilling directorial debut in a film that is packed with bone-chilling suspense and unforgettable gory images.

FanBolt recently had a chance to sit down with the actress and speak with her about her latest project and also the return of Kyle XY!

How would you describe Hallowed Ground and your role in it?

It’s a low-budget horror film that is fun to watch. My role in the movie is the heroine character who battles a small town involved in a religious cult.

Was there anything specific about this movie, or perhaps this character, that drew you to this project?

The physical side of the role. I am always attracted to strong female characters.

What was the most challenging part of filming this movie and was it what you expected?

The night shoots in the cold, and no, it wasn’t what I expected.

You’ve been hailed as one of the new generation of “scream queens”, what do you think about that?

It’s pretty cool.

Now you’ve also had a role on Kyle XY, how has filming process been different for you on Hallowed Ground as compared to the Kyle XY?

Kyle XY is a bit more controlled. Television series are always like that. Everything is done by the book. The show is great to work on. We film in Vancouver and I have really enjoyed being up here.

There’s a ton of fans wanting to know when Kyle XY is going to be returning, do you have any idea when that will be and can you give them any info as to what might be happening next?

I honestly don’t know… I think the show will continue in January… but then again i don’t really think the network knows when they want to begin airing again. I do know, that the show will continue!!!

You’ve been a lot of sci-fi/horror type roles. Do you find yourself more drawn to those types of roles or are you just approached more for those projects because of your past work?

I think it’s all by chance. To be honest, I always play the tough female character and it seems that there are more of those roles in sci-fi and horror.

I read that you were on your high school wrestling team. Has that helped you at all in any of the roles you’ve had?

oh yes.

Do you have any projects coming up that you can tell us about?

None that i can tell you about just yet… but soon!!!

Interview By: Emma Loggins

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