Netflix Confirms More ‘Fear Street’ Is Coming!

Fear Street

Remember getting frightened while reading Goosebumps books under the covers with a flashlight? If you loved R. L. Stine’s books as a kid, you’re going to love Fear Street as an adult.

Netflix adapted the Fear Street novels into a set of three films, all released within weeks of each other. With the final film ending on a cliffhanger, many fans wondered if there were more to come.

And we’re here to confirm that more Fear Street movies are on their way to Netflix!

What’s to Come for Fear Street

Bloody Disgusting revealed that a fourth installment to the Fear Street movie series is “deep in development.” Considering Fear Street Part Three: 1666 ended on a cliffhanger, we aren’t hugely surprised by this announcement. This falls in line with what director Leigh Janiak said concerning the opportunity for a fully-fledged horror series with Fear Street. She explained, “One of the things that I talked about before I was hired was that we have a potential here to create a horror Marvel [Cinematic Universe], where you can have slasher killers from lots of different eras. You have the canon of our main mythology that’s built around the fact that the devil lives in Shadyside, so there’s also room for everything else.”

The author of the novels that Netflix based the series on is quite excited about the prospect of more movies. R.L. Stine said he had heard “rumors about more Fear Street movies for Netflix, because the first ones did so well last summer. Those films kind of shocked me, because they were all R-rated, and I’ve never done anything R-rated! All those teenagers were getting slashed. I was like, ‘Suddenly, I have a slasher movie!’”

This series is quite different from the Disney+ adaptation of his Goosebumps series which caters to a more kid-friendly crowd. With an R-rating, Fear Street certainly does not have kids as the intended audience.

Netflix Fear Street

What Is Fear Street?

Best known for his kid-friendly horror books in the Goosebumps series, R.L. Stine wrote another 51-book series called Fear Street. The books covered the happenings in the small town of Shadyside, infamous for the unnaturally high death count and its dark secret.

Netflix adapted some of the books’ content and added their own characters and spin on the story. The director Leigh Janiak said, “Every story takes place in this town called Shadyside and focuses on a different person who lives on Fear Street, but the films aren’t a direct adaptation of any individual story.” While none are a direct adaptation, the films largely pull from The Betrayal, The Secret, and The Burning. 

Netflix released the first movie on July 2, 2021, the next on July 9th, 2021, and the final on July 16th, 2021. They each cover different years of events in Shadyside and used the year as part of the title.

Fear Street Part One: 1994

In the first installment in the series, we learn that Shadyside is well-known as the murder capital of the US. The movie opens with a mall employee murder spree that ends with a sheriff killing the murderer. This event is simply one more in a string of violent occurrences that have plagued the town for centuries. Locals believe the murderous violence taking place in the town is all thanks to the witchcraft curse of Sarah Fier in 1666. 

After a group of teens accidentally resurrect multiple Shadyside killers, they have to work together to stop the evil forces before it’s too late. 

Fear Street Part Two: 1978

The movie starts where Part One ended as Deena and Josh ask for C. Berman’s help in dealing with Sam, Deena’s possessed girlfriend.

Berman decides to tell the crew about the Camp Nightwing massacre of 1978. We flashback to that year when campers from a neighboring town hang and burn the arm of Sheila. This event sets off a chain of violent reactions throughout the camp.

We go back to 1994 when the teens go to the witch’s body to end the curse. When Deena reunites the witch’s hand with her body, she discovers that she has become the witch Sarah Fier in 1666.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666

We go back in time to see how Sarah Fier became the witch of myth. As Deena sees the events unfold through the eyes of Sarah, they discover the root of the curse and why the town of Shadyside is cursed while Sunnyvale prospers.

Back in 1994, Deena tells the crew how they can end the curse. In the mid-credit scene, we see an unknown individual pick up the satanic book from the tunnels.

So will the next movie pick up on this cliffhanger? Who grabbed the book? What do they intend to do with it?

Or will the next Fear Street movie cover a new year entirely, widening the scope of the Fear Street universe? Only time will tell, and we’ll keep you updated in the meantime!