Heigl Conflicted Over Golden Globe Awards

Actress KATHERINE HEIGL has been left devastated by the news the Golden Globe Awards won’t get a pass from striking writers – because it looks as if she’ll actually have to boycott the event.

Heigl went public with her plans to stay away from the January (08) prize giving – if the strike wasn’t resolved – before she was nominated as a Best Actress for Grey’s Anatomy last week (13Dec07).

Joining strikers on the picket line earlier last week, the actress said, “I’m not crossing the picket line, not unless I’m contractually obliged to do, which, for the Golden Globes, I’m not.”

But now Heigl really wants to attend the awards show, and Writers Guild Of America (WGA) union bosses have rejected a request for striking members to be allowed to write scripts for the awards ceremonies.

Instead of giving events like the Globes and Oscars a waiver, protesters are expected to picket the events, which leaves Heigl with a dilemma.

She explains, “I was asked by my Guild not to cross the picket lines, and I think I have to respect that. I’d be really uncomfortable doing that because I think it makes a really big statement that I am not sure I want to make.

“But the reality is, I really, really, really want to go, so I would really like it if they would get their waiver because I think it’s a really awesome night to celebrate.”



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