New ‘Primeval’ Series To Shoot In Ireland


As ITV confirmed that a new co-production deal would allow the return of cult show Primeval, show creator Adrian Hodges exclusively revealed to that the new episodes will be filmed in Ireland.

Hodges told “Obviously I’m thrilled that we’ll be coming back to make series 4 and 5. We were dismayed to leave the storylines unfinished at the end of series 3 and doing the new series is a chance both to put that right and move Primeval on into the future – I’m very excited about it.

“Obviously some things about the new series will be familiar to viewers but some things will change – for one thing we’re shooting the new series in Ireland, which on the production side helps us with tax breaks, but also gives us a lot of new locations to work with. Although the show has been shot in and around London up to now, it’s never been specifically a “London” show – for the most part it could be taking place in any modern city and we already know that Dublin will enable us to keep the modern, urban look of the show intact.

“The fact that we’re back at all says a great deal about the worldwide popularity of the show; without the support of fans and the very real demand for more Primeval I don’t think we’d have been able to pull this off. ”

“Primeval means a great deal to me and although we’re still at the early stage of planning the new series, our ambition is to make it the biggest and most successful series to date.”



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  1. I loved season one of Primeval. Season 2 was okay. Season 3 was horrible. I was sorry they left things hanging, but I really didn’t want to see the show get any worse. I’ll check out one or two episodes of Season 4, but if it’s not back to the cool dinosaur stories, I’m not going to waste my time anymore.