Heroes Episode Recap: An Invisible Thread

Sylar and Nathan have much in common. They now share a body and mind.

But let’s start at the beginning of the Heroes season three finale. We saw everyone on the run. Hiro and Ando managed to free some of the captured heroes and create a diversion. Sylar assumed Nathan’s identity and kidnapped Claire. Matt decided to take the Greyhound to New York to help his family.

While Hiro’s condition worsens (nosebleeds and an exploding head might be the cause of his own ability according to Mohinder), Sylar thrives as Nathan. After Claire figures him out, he uses her to lure Noah into his game. The baddie takes advantage of the situation to try and flirt with Claire. This wasn’t appealing but his promises were deadly. As Nathan, he could get the President’s handshake. We know how the world would go down from there. Sylar even managed to add some threats, like killing Mr.Muggles and Claire’s brother Lyle (who we actually knew still existed thanks to this season).

It’s good Claire has the ever much badass dad Noah to come to her rescue. Not to mention the other dad, Nathan, who gets rescued by his brother and Claire’s uncle, Peter. Nathan and Peter duke it out with Sylar behind closed doors after Claire is thrown out (literally). After this, Nathan and Sylar are MIA and we see Peter and Claire reunite with Angela. Angela is on the lookout for Matt Parkman, she knows he can save Nathan who is in grave danger.

Sylar and Nathan come to their end together when they crash into a different part of the hotel that the president is staying in and where Sylar took Claire to while disguised as Nathan. It is then we see Sylar slash the Senator’s throat. Nathan Petrelli is a fallen hero, and his death is done by the time Matt and Angela find him. Next time take the Amtrak, Parkman.

We see Mama Petrelli lose control. Meanwhile, Sylar assumes the identity of Nathan and then a security guard to get to the President himself. He is about to go for the kill when he gets a nice surprise through the throat. Does the President have powers? No, but Peter apparently collected Sylar’s ability while they fought earlier. Not only does Peter get the best WTF moment, it is happening at the same time that his mother is planning one of the biggest series shockers along with Matt and Noah.

Using Matt’s abilities, they take over Sylar’s body and erase all his memories. They also make Sylar believe he is Nathan Petrelli and he transforms into his body. Good thing they had that fake Sylar body from earlier in storage eh? Nathan is dead. And yet he is not, Sylar is now Nathan. When he awakes, the former villain is gone and we see the Nathan we know. Or is it? After the heroes reunite at the end to burn fake Sylar, we get a glimpse into the new season “Redemption”. Nathan is back in office at NY and Angela is stopping by for lunch. Too bad Nathan has this odd fascination with a clock in his office, you see. It’s running a minute and a half too fast. It’s brushed off, for now. As we see with Angela, it might be that Nathan will always be dead after all. Sylar, for sure, isn’t and he will be back.

Recap written by: Cristina Roock


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