Lost Episode Recap: The Variable

What’s happened has happened. Luck can’t save anyone from death.

So says Daniel Faraday on Lost‘s 100th episode. Thanks to Dan, this is the episode that shows how right he can be. When he says those words to Jack, it really is a forewarning.

This is the night of Daniel’s flashbacks. We get to see how much he had to do with the island and the Lost writers didn’t let us down on this one. Child prodigy for arts and sciences? Check. Overbearing yet over-loving mother? Check. Getting a girlfriend that mom says you don’t have time for? That turns out to be a check as well.

We see Dan experiment and work with time travel and sciences. It is his mother and Charles Widmore who convince him to back to the island. One gives moral support and a journal, the other gives money and moral support over the years. Good people to have for parents. Yes, Charles Widmore is the second island player. Christian Shepard was revealed to be Jack and cute baby mama Claire’s father. Charles is now the proud papa of Penny, the girlfriend of the ever so dashing Desmond, and Daniel himself.

We see Daniel go back to the island and reunite with our Losties. He goes back and forth on his plans. The hydrogen bomb is still on that island. As is Daniel’s mother, who was an Hostile. Daniel needs that bomb to stop Dr.Chang (Mile’s long lost daddy) and his teams from drilling into energy fields. Those energy fields will have deadly outcomes, which include the construction of hatches and a plan to keep bushing a button to prevent that disaster from ever happening again. The same button pushed that causes Oceanic Flight 815 to crash.

This was the 100th episode folks. Daniel does cause some division with the Losties. Sawyer opts to go to the beach to avoid whatever happens and gets support from Jin, Hurley and Juliet. The battle is who brings Daniel to the Hostiles, and that is Jack and Kate. After a big shoot out and explosion with some Dharma Initiative members, it’s a go. Meanwhile, those same members go to LeFleur and finally discover that LaFleur and the others–are not who they say they are.

Meanwhile, Jack, Kate and Daniel find the Hostiles. Daniel leaves the others with a lot of answers and questions to go find his mother. He runs into the never changing Jacob and some tension ensues. This tension is promptly ended by a woman shooting Daniel. Once this happens, Daniel knows what is going on. He’s lying in the mud, dying. He was sent here by one person to help the island. Daniel’s purpose has been served. Now he was going to die, at the hands of the person who gave him life.

Dysfunctional or not, Daniel Faraday will be missed. This nerdy scientist who came on the freighter showed he wanted to save everyone, such as in the scene with a little Charlotte. He might have died doing so, but it’s up to see if he will have died for nothing.

Recap written by: Cristina Roock


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