Lost Episode Recap: Follow the Leader

Over 30 years, Lost can confuse and captivate their viewers more than usual. This was done on last night’s episode and one man in the center of it all was Richard. You know, that Other. And that Hostile. The one with eyeliner that never seems to age or die. In 1977, Richard gets to watch Daniel killed by his mother Elouise. Not only that, but after Jack and Kate get captured by the Hostiles, Richard has to awkwardly explain to them how Elouise and this other fellow, Charles Widmore, are going out while their adult son’s body is nearby.

“Oy vey” is probably running through Richard’s mind 30 years later in the present time. Richard is now with Locke and Ben. Locke makes everyone’s brains leak out of their ears when he instructs Richard to go to a certain spot in the forest. There Richard has to tell 2004 centric Locke how to get the Oceanic 6 back and how everyone on the island will die if doesn’t happen. Richard has to do all of this while he tends to Locke’s wounded leg while 2007 Locke and Ben watch. Even Ben is mind boggled. Locke, meanwhile, remains cool and aloof. That was usually Richard’s stance but thanks to Losties in both times I think we are starting to see this seemingly immortal man start to get very, very confused.

Back to 1977, we get to see Jack explain to Elouise about the past and Daniel when she gets a hold of Dan’s journal. Kate is at odds with Jack for wanting to take over Dan’s plan to detonate the bomb. Perhaps this is because the Hostiles reveal the bomb is underneath the Dharma Initiative settlement. Either way, after getting beat up together by the Hostiles, Jack and Kate part ways. Not before a shoot-out is threatened and ended by Sayid himself however. Good ‘old Sayid is back and decides to join Elouise, Jack and Richard on their quest to find the bomb.

Meanwhile, Kate separates from the group only to rejoin Sawyer and Juliet at the worst moment possible, when they are both inside a submarine about to leave the island. Their talk of inland plans are interrupted by the arrival of Kate and awkward jealousy and silence ensues. Sawyer and Juliet were already having a bad day; we got to see the lovebirds tied and beat up by their former Dharma Initiative friends. Sawyer refuses to give up Kate’s whereabouts and manages to make a deal; a map of the Hostile settlement for his and Juliet’s freedom via sub. He also enforces the plan that everyone else get off the island as well. Sawyer then proceeds to shock the viewers by actually going through with his deal. No pulling any fast ones, no dropkicking while attempting to get out of handcuffs or jumping in the water after Juliet boards the sub. “Good riddance” is what the island gets from Sawyer. Too bad Kate entered the picture once again. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that Hurley, Jin and Miles would’ve been eternally enraged at Saywer. These characters are also caught in the act by Dr.Chang. He finds out Miles is his son from quizzing Hurley on history. Who knew?

Not all is certain now though. We see a new Locke. This Locke tells the 2007 Losties that he wants to find the never before seen Jacob to get some answers. Sun and others are more than willing to go. Others, like Ben and Richard, are more fearful. Yes, Ben and Richard and scared. Locke puts the spotlight on Richard, telling everyone how he and Jacob are bffs and Richard can lead everyone to him. So as this group departs on an uneasy adventure, we get to see Ben confront Locke and find out the real intentions: Locke wants to kill Jacob. While it seems Jack is adopting Locke’s former views of faith on the island, Locke is adopting views that are unclear for the moment. One thing that is known is that everyone should fear this Locke, living in 2007 or 1977. Killing Jacob could change everything, bomb or not.

Recap written by: Cristina Roock


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