TNT’s ‘Dark Blue’ Atlanta Premiere A Success

TNT’s newest show ‘Dark Blue’ premiered last night in Atlanta, Georgia to a small venue packed with people. Even while the venue was cramped, it didn’t seem to make the pilot episode any less enjoyable for the audience. They loved it.

‘Dark Blue’ takes place in the underbelly of Los Angeles, where criminals roam free under the veil of night or hide in the shadows of daylight. Wandering in and out of this seedy underworld is just another day at the office for Lt. Carter Shaw (Dylan McDermott) and his special undercover task force. They understand, better than anyone, that to bring down a criminal underworld one must first dive into its depths and get on the criminals’ level.

Overall the show is enjoyable – though a tad familiar. We’ve seen the cop shows before, but thankfully this one throws in a few new twists. Exploring the world of deep undercover is a bit more intense than other series in the same genre. These characters are having to live complex lies every moment of every day.

The show’s executive producer is none other than Jerry Bruckheimer, which you don’t have to know to recognize the style. The slow motion scenes with the powerful music – it almost feels like it should be a mini-movie instead of a television series.

Putting the series behind ‘Leverage’ on Wednesday nights is a smart move on TNT’s part and it will undoubtedly hold that audience. Sound like your kind of show? Check it out on July 15, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT.

Written By: Emma Loggins


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