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DVD Review: Lost: Season 2

DVD Review: Lost: Season 2


LOST: Season Two is the fascinating continuation of the Lost saga that series’ fans won’t want to miss. Revitalized in breathtaking Blu-ray picture and sound, see how the mystery of the Island deepens as the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 find they are not alone in their battle against the Island’s “Others” and discover the shocking secrets that lay hidden in the underground hatch. This second season earned nine 2006 Emmy nominations, including nods for Outstanding Directing, Writing and Casting.

Season two of LOST picks up right where we were left hanging in season one. The hatch discovered in season one is explored and a sole inhabitant is found inside; the doomed crew of the raft return to the island and discover quite a surprise. New characters are introduced in this season, including a few that develop into being far more important than you could imagine at the time. The survivors have increasing encounters with the Others, and the conflict between the two groups begins to grow. The hatch proves to be a valuable discovery for the survivors, as it provides them with food and a limited amount of shelter. More questions are raised as we learn more of the island’s seemingly mystical properties and of the DHARMA Initiative and the Hanso Foundation and their relationship to the hatch. Hardly letting up on the mysteries and excitement, season two of LOST will leave you wanting much, much more.

Bonus features on Blu-ray include:
LOST Flashbacks, The Official LOST Connections, Secrets From the Hatch, Mysteries, Theories, and Conspiracies, LOST on Location, Fire+Water, audio commentaries, deleted scenes and bloopers, and more!

Review by Jessica Mahn

Grade: A+
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