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DVD Review: Two And A Half Men

DVD Review: Two And A Half Men


The Emmy-winning Season Four of TV’s #1 comedy starts with a shock (Alan’s getting divorced… again) and ends with a rock (the diamond Evelyn’s new boyfriend wants to put on her third finger, left hand). In between, Charlie Harper’s hip Malibu beach pad is the place for laughs, gorgeous girls, single parenthood, celebrity neighbors, family and more laughs. Charlie (Charlie Sheen) has a close encounter with his long- deceased dad. Alan (Jon Cryer), after a few resume embellishments, tries online dating. Jake (Angus T. Jones) swaps his Harry Potter posters for the joys of hottie wall art. Join the fun. Share the good life with everyone’s favorite men, men, men, men, manly men, men men.

Two and Half Men has developed quite a huge fan-following. The series revolves around two brothers, one of those brother’s sons, and the women that surround them. From their mother to the women that they date, it’s priceless humor that ensues as you see how the world of bachelorhood has shaped these men.

The main focus is on Charlie Harper, who is a successful bachelor living in Malibu. With gorgeous girls around, celebrity neighbors, and a Mercedes in the garage, it’s hard for him to complain. However, the women that surround his life and Alan’s (his brother) life are hard to deny. In Season 4, Alan takes a stab at online dating while Charlie continues to have run-ins with his stalker Rose. Jake, Alan’s son, also takes the step from the world of Harry Potter posters to the more typical teenage boy wall art of scantily dressed females.

Another great moment from this season arrives when Martin Sheen guest stars as Rose’s father and proceeds to ask Charlie what his intentions are with his daughter. We soon see that he shares a similar habit with his daughter when he falls for Charlie’s mom.

If you haven’t checked out this series yet, I highly recommend it. Audiences who enjoy shows such as Til Death and the cancelled Everyone Loves Raymond will be the crowds that will enjoy this one.

On the Season 4 release there are some nice special features as well including commentaries, a gag reel, and a short featurette with the show’s creators.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B
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