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DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete 4th Season

DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete 4th Season


Enter a world of change in the irresistible and unforgettable fourth season of one of television’s most acclaimed dramas. Love lies and family ties are revealed as the surgeons of Seattle Grace discover that their choices have major unintended consequences. And coupled with the arrival of some very eager new interns life at the hospital sizzles with more emotion excitement and heartbreak than ever before. Get an extra dose of GREY’S ANATOMY in this comprehensive 5-disc DVD box set complete with never-before-seen extended episodes and exclusive bonus features that take you inside the world of your favorite doctors. From the very first minute you’ll be hooked on TV’s most talked about show.

Without question one of the most addictive shows on television, Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 is the only show last season that I personally felt didn’t have a low point as result of the writers’ strike. I found the whole season to be enjoyable and consistent with what I’ve grown to love about the series, and I have to say the final five episodes of the season were pure excellence. Drama at its best!

After Season 3, it seemed that everything had fallen apart for the characters. George and Callie’s marriage was over, George failed his test, Preston left Cristina on their wedding day, and Meredith and Derek split again because of Meredith’s fear of commitment… And that still doesn’t really scratch the surface.

Season 5 puts our favorite characters in the position of Dr. Bailey. We have a whole new group of eager interns who are placed in the hands of Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina. One of those interns happens to be Meredith’s younger half sister, Lexie, who spends a good portion of the season trying to get Meredith to accept her. No shortage of drama there.

One complaint I’ve always had about Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith and her continual whining and self absorption. Every time we think she’s over it and can be an actual functional human being, she goes right back to whining again. Season 4 is no exception. I was more than thrilled by the introduction of McDreamy’s new love interest, but that didn’t make the feelings between McDreamy and Meredith fade sadly. Sexual tension is a great way to get audiences to tune in, but there are only so many times that the writers can play the “will they/won’t they” game before the average viewer throws the remote at the television. So call me a pessimist, but I’m not so sure the end of the season means what most fans think it means. Only Season 5 will be able to tell…

Grey’s Anatomy is emotional and captivating, and whether you want to admit it or not…. highly addictive. Season 4 is no different, and that’s why this DVD release is so fantastic. It’s Season 4 expanded with extended episodes, audio commentaries, unaired scenes, outtakes, and featurettes that’ll have you’ll drooling over McDreamy in no time.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A-
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