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DVD Review: Saving Grace – Season 2 Premiere

DVD Review: Saving Grace – Season 2 Premiere


After scoring big during its first season both with audiences and critics, TNT’s groundbreaking original series SAVING GRACE is set to return for a stunning second season. The top-rated drama series stars Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter (The Piano) as an intense Oklahoma City police detective with a fiery spirit and audacious life.

“Have a Seat, Earl” – Premieres Monday, July 14, at 10 p.m.
While off duty, Grace chases down a subject who turns out to be one of the FBI’s Most Wanted. Afterwards, she is hailed a hero. But nobody is aware of what she was really doing on her day off, a shocking secret involving the priest who molested her as a child.

Saving Grace returns for a second season on July 14th. Bringing some fresh television to the Monday night summer line-up, the show continues with a rather emotional and dramatic season opener.

The series revolves around Grace Hanadarko, played by the beautiful and talented Holly Hunter. Grace is an accomplished investigator with a bit of a foul-mouth whose personal life is best described as a total mess. Last season, when her life reached its lowest and darkest point, Grace was visited by an unorthodox angel, better known as Earl (Leon Rippy). Earl tries to effectively “save” Grace from herself and her wild ways.

While the return of the series will undoubtedly delight the loyal fan base, I’m not sure if it has enough of a hook to pick up new viewers. Picking up where last season leaves off, we see that Grace has captured one of the FBI’s Most Wanted in addition to locating the man that sexually abused her as a child. Consumed with the desire to make him pay for his actions, Grace must decide the fate of the life she now holds in her hands. You may be surprised by the outcome.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this show is that it’s not like anything else on television. Saying that it’s risky or unconventional would be an understatement. With mature themes and nudity in almost every episode, it’s not hard to see why the series may be considered untamed. I can appreciate a show that doesn’t sugar-coat the lives of its characters though. Grace seems to be realistic enough that I’m intrigued and able to connect with the situations and feel more invested, a feeling that seems to be shared among the fan base, and a formula that has spelled nothing but success for the series so far. Season 2 certainly has a whole new bag of surprises in store for Grace, and I look forward to seeing if the series can live up to the exceptional season 1.

Be sure to tune in July 14th at 10pm on TNT.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
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