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DVD Review: UFO Hunters

DVD Review: UFO Hunters


Are we alone in the universe? The question has always haunted humankind. Incidents involving UFOs and extraterrestrial life have been reported throughout history. UFO HUNTERS, a new series on The History Channel, follows a group of experts as they subject some of history’s most intriguing UFO accounts, and the evidence surrounding them, to exhaustive scrutiny in an effort to uncover the actual facts. The series is a spin-off from the network’s hit program UFO HUNTERS which premiered in 2005. The new HD series UFO HUNTERS airs Wednesdays at 10pm/9c on The History Channel.

UFO Hunters is a new series on the History Channel that follows a team of UFO hunters in their quest for separating fact from fiction in various UFO sightings, contacts, and abductions over the last fifty or so years. The team is composed of the publisher and an investigator from UFO magazine, a scientific intern, an MIT mechanical engineer and researcher who serves to bring the discipline of hard science as the basis for conclusions in their investigations. Each week the team investigations a case utilizing historical accounts from the news media, military documents and eye witness accounts, and with help from locals who are familiar with the details of each case.

For those with even a mild interest in the UFO phenomenon, the show is certainly interesting and entertaining. It seems to fill the ‘UFO niche’ of reality-based investigative series that seem to populate the prime time lineup for similar cable networks like Discovery, The Science Channel, National Geographic, etc. etc. UFO Hunters seem to be set up in much the same way as other investigative reality series as well. With high-tech graphics, geographic 3-D imagery of areas and three-dimensional reconstructions of spectral analyzes, UFO crashes and the like, viewers are served a fair share of eye candy to accompany the narration and the team’s exploits.

As someone who has always had a fascination with aliens and UFOs I found the show engaging and certainly worth my time. I can take or leave all the fancy graphics and three-dimensional imagery- a personal preference, I suppose- as the show’s subject matter would certainly keep my attention without the use of funky camera angles and high-tech graphics. However, I definitely appreciate the team’s approach to investigating their cases using a combination of eye-witness accounts, accounts from news-media and the military and attempting to reach a conclusion using hard science to separate sensationalism and speculation from cases of true extra-terrestrial contact. Whether your interest in aliens and UFOs is skeptical at best or as an avid believer, the History Channel’s UFO Hunters is certainly worth a look.

Review by Noah Brown

Grade: B+
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