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DVD Review: Meerkat Manor

DVD Review: Meerkat Manor


One of the most beloved series on the Animal Planet network, “Meerkat Manor” Season Two burrows its way onto DVD as a two-disc DVD set on April 8, 2008 from Genius Products and Animal Planet. Blending traditional animal documentary with dramatic narration by Sean Astin (The Goonies, The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) the series chronicles the ups and downs of a group of meerkats, known as “The Whiskers,” who live in the Kalahari Desert. Winner of the 2007 Parent’s Silver Choice award and the #1 show on Animal Planet, “Meerkat Manor” is produced by the Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet. Using state of the art camera technology above and below ground, and by tracking the group’s movements 24 hours a day, the series paints a dramatic picture of their highly complex and social lives.

Our favorite little South African mongoose clan are back for the second season of Meerkat Manor! If you, for some reason, haven’t checked out this little gem found on the Animal Planet channel then do yourself a favor and give it a look. I guarantee you’ll find yourself quickly addicted and completely engaged in the comedic tale and goings-on of this mob of meerkats. If anything, this show is a breath of fresh air from the reality-based programs that seem to monopolize quite a large chunk of television time these days. ‘Cause, c’mon, it would be a futile task in attempting to script meerkats on how to act and behave- no, this is the real deal. Meerkats unrehearsed, unscripted and let loose in your living room.

Though, the way meerkats stand at attention on their hind legs makes it nearly impossible not to give the little critters human characteristics- which is paramount to the draw and addictive qualities of this program. The interaction between the meerkats absolutely intriguing. The dozens of meerkats that inhabit the “Manor” seem to co-exist in a sort of society in which they look out for eachother, fight for supremacy, and, of course, search for mates. And Animal Planet shows it all. You can’t really complain about being entertained and being enlightened to just how closely human behavior mimics the animals that inhabit the earth whom, it seems, we constantly try and separate and distinguish ourselves from. It’s fun for the whole family! As long-time fans of the show, we have thoroughly enjoyed these DVDs which have enjoyed repeat viewings. In purchasing DVDs that’s always been quite a selling point for me- just how many times will I pop these in the player?- which makes these discs a bargain. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll marvel at how they act like little, furry people, and they’re so darn cute! You can’t go wrong.

Review by Noah Brown

Grade: A+
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