DVD Review: A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

The rules of attraction are made to be broken with new reality-competition dating series, “A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila,” as MTV captures internet queen Tila Tequila in her pursuit to find love. Having spent the past few years building her career, Tila, the most popular girl in the history of MySpace is finally ready to get serious about finding someone to get serious with. The big twist in this story is that Tila is bisexual and not sure whether her true love is going to be a man or woman. To help her find true love, MTV found sixteen straight guys and sixteen lesbians to vie for her love and attention. The finalists move into her mansion, live together, and each week Tila will narrow down her suitors. Every episode will culminate in a dramatic ceremony unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. May the better sex win as “A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila” premieres on October 9th at 10:00PM ET/PT on MTV.

Fans can track all the action online at Tila.MTV.com and on their handsets through MTV Mobile. Each episode will be streamed in its entirety on MTV Mobile’s linear channel, available cross-carrier, and through MTV.com. In addition, MTV.com and MTV Mobile are offering fans on-demand access to a full slate of programming, including trailers, casting reel footage, sneak peaks of upcoming episodes, extended exit scenes of cast members booted off the show and “Tequila Shots,” which are funny and crazy Tila moments and bloopers. Viewers can also check out cast bios, photos and episode summaries on both MTV.com and MTV Mobile’s web site, WAP.MTV.com.

A dating show with sixteen women competing for one man? Bore. Sixteen men competing for one woman? Yawn. But sixteen hot men and sixteen sexy lip-stick lesbians competing for a Vietnamese bi-curious pseudo celebrity wild child all living in one house plus lots of liquor, and bikinis? Hot!

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, MTV’s newest dating show features Tila Tequila, the ex-con, ex-stripper, ex-gangster, mostly Myspace made cyber celebrity searching for love. In a battle of the sexes, men and women duke it out for her affections.

It’s true the dating show set-up has undergone several phases. From ABC’s The Dating Game, to VH1s Flava of Love, and the many shows in between, people have become pretty much tired of the format.

MTV bills its new show as “groundbreaking.” Cashing in on the zeitgeist of morphing social attitudes on sexuality, words like pansexual, ambisexual and bi-curious have entered the lexicon more than ever on mainstream television.

Contestants on A Shot Of Love manage to have discussions on stereotypes and labels amidst the competing, hair-pulling and threesomes.

Whether the show is on the air to parse through the sticky subject of sexual identity politics – or just higher ratings, and bolster Tela’s career, A Shot at Love with Tela Tequila opens anthropological doors with big boobs and hair extensions swinging.

But if the deep stuff doesn’t get you hot and bothered, the soap-opera high strung romance and soft-porn groping and groaning might help.

Review by Rebecca Carriero-Granados

Grade: B
Official site: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/tila_tequila/series.jhtml
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