DVD Review: I Love New York Season 2

Everyone’s favorite HBIC is back in this “Flavor of Love” series spin-off featuring the one and only New York, a.k.a. Tiffany Pollard. Joining New York is a group of 20 steamy hunks who will be fighting for her affections.

Viewer beware, I Love New York Season 2 recycles all the now boring gimmicks of Flavor of Love 1,2,3, and I Love New York Season 1. New York’s strict Christian mother, Sister Patterson co-hosts the show and offers her damning, cruel critique of the contestants. New York brings back “Chance,” the thug goofball runner up from last season (just like Flave did by bringing New York back in Season 2 of his own show)to compete once again for her love. And as I Love New York did last season, the competition mixes brawny black babes with a sprinkling of nerdy, stick thin white men who stay despite the odds – or more obviously because their presence is so absurd.

In an effort to modify the now predictable format, the contestants this season were chosen by three different groups. The fans voted for a select few, her mother chose her top picks, and VH1 producers chose the rest. Some of the men include “Ears” (for his gigantic ears), “Unsure” (because his gender seems questionable), Man Man (because he’s twice the man) and “Buddha” (because “he’s so hot,” that New York “will call him anything he wants”).

Of course there are brawny babes squaring off if testosterone fueled physical jousts.

This season however, the show includes a first ever little person named, “Midget Mac,” who is laughed at and even feared, but for the wrong reasons. New York says about their first meeting, “I don’t know if he has powers to shrink people.” Mac endures a series of endless below the belt insults because of his size. When Mac speaks in the confessional, the camera only shows half his face. It only adjusts to his body after he is not eliminated on the first night. He is the character that the show diminishes unapologetically as a side-show freak that New York lavishes with attention clearly out of pity. What are Mac’s chances against the giant specimens competing for New York’s affections? We’ll see.

For anyone who doesn’t know, New York, aka Tiffany, came to fame as a contestant on VH1’s, Flavor of Love reality dating show. She appeared sometimes as a guest, other times as a contestant on all three seasons of his show. Always putting on a performance of sincere love for “her man,” she played the evil villain who everyone hated – except Flave, which made her even more detestable.

But after being the two time loser, rejected twice by Flave, the character that everybody love to hate, proved to be irresistible to watch. Last fall, she got her own show where 20 men competed for her love. With her happy hooker style, endless hair extensions, and ever scheming smile she transformed into the lovable Diva with a taste for hot bodied “thugs.”

Unfortunately, I Love New York season 1 winner, the hunky, smooth man nicknamed Tango, did not pan out opening yet another door for New York’s reality television career. And thus, this is the long journey of a reality television celeb that parlayed her failures into success.

This season, Tiffany graces the show with her gaudy getups, fluttering faux four inch eyelashes, and search for sincerity amongst frogs to find her prince. Without a doubt though, plenty of male posturing will lead to vicious fights until the competition is whittled down. Who will she pick? The upstanding “mama’s boys” that her mother wants? The one’s that the fans voted for? Or one of the finalists that producers have chosen?

Despite the old gimmicks, and predictable nature that past season have taken, watching I Love New York, is a one trick pony that still pleases.

Review by Rebecca Carriero-Granados

Grade: B+
Official site: http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/i_love_new_york_2/series.jhtml
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