DVD Review: Blue Collar: Season 1 Volume 1

The guys who had you laughing on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour – Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy – bring their particular brand of hilarity to Blue Collar TV: Season 1 Volume 1. Expect a hometown buffet of TV parodies, sketches, and stand-up, celebrating everything from spouses to spoilers, Winnebagos to Waffle Houses, cheap beer to even cheaper lingerie. You are about to get a 64-oz. Big Gulp of blue collar comedy. Are you ready?

If you’ve never seen an episode of Blue Collar Comedy, now is your chance! With Foxworthy, Engvall, and Larry the Cable guy, you know that you’re going to get nothing but laughs! While some people may find the jokes a bit elementary, others will find themselves laughing at the same things they did in their childhoods. Between hilarious skits and clever standup acts, you will find yourself laughing at the stereotypical humor in these episodes.

Jeff Foxworthy’s opening standup acts along with the Redneck dictionary will have you amused and definitely entertained. As the episodes progress, it’s almost like watching a redneck version of Saturday Night Live. Or a comedy act poking fun at the “King of the Hill” types. This dvd set will most likely be a hit with the older audiences (especially in the south!) as compared to the younger crowds, but no matter who you are or where you’re from, there’s a tiny bit of redneck in us all!

If you were a fan of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour or you’re just looking for some good laughs, then this is definitely for you!

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
Official site: http://www.bluecollartv.com/
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