#NerdHerdLive: Dragon Con Edition

#NerdHerdLive: Dragon Con Edition - Episode 3

Dragon Con is an annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia that celebrates all things geeky. From comics to cosplay, gaming to TV shows, there’s something for everyone at Dragon Con. And this was the subject of FanBolt’s #NerdHerdLive stream on August 11, 2022.

From our favorite memories of the convention to what we’re looking forward to most at Dragon Con 2022, we had a blast talking about the convention. We were joined by guest Dan Carroll, who serves as Dragon Con’s Media Engagement Director.

Dan gave us the scoop on what to expect this year as well as what fans are looking forward to, and he even dropped a few hints about some special guests that will be in attendance.

So whether you’re a Dragon Con veteran or a first-timer, make sure to check out our 3rd episode of #NerdHerdLive!


Emma Loggins of FanBolt.com
Jenn Steele of FanBolt.com
Matt Rodriguez of Shakefire.Net
Robert Prentice of ThreeIfBySpace.net


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