DVD Review: Full House: Season 3

This is a story about a sports broadcaster later turned morning talk show host Danny Tanner and his three little girls, D.J. (Donna Jo), Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. Before the show begins, Danny Tanner’s wife is killed by a drunk driver. So he needs help raising his three little girls. He asks his rock musician brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis and his comedian best friend, Joey Gladstone to move in with them. As the show goes on, Jesse gets married to Rebecca Donaldson, Danny’s co host of the talk show. The two have kids of their own, who are twins, Alexander and Nicholas Katsopolis. However, the show is about what happens as the story is going on.

It’s one of the most beloved and cheesiest shows of all time. But then again, what truly great 90’s sitcom wasn’t cheesy? Full House is definitely one of the most underrated series of the 90’s. It brought forth good humor, entertaining storylines, and those family morals that seem to be missing from the majority of sitcoms today. It’s an innocent show that draws you in, and makes you feel like you too are a member of the Tanner household.

Season 3 is great addition to any Full House fan’s dvd collection. It’s packed with some of the series most memorable moments, such as Stephanie driving Joey’s car into the house (literally!), DJ gets her first kiss, and little Michele starting pre-school. You’ll laugh and cry as you watch these episodes! The only downside is the special features. They’re not much better than the first two seasons, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that season 4 will have more in that area! All in all, whether you’re a long time Full House fan, or you’re new to the Tanner scene, you’ll love this collection!

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
Official site: http://www.fullhouseondvd.com/
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