DVD Review: Gilmore Girls: Season 5

Gilmore rising: Lorelai. The Dragonfly Inn is a huge success. And Lorelai’s romance with Luke (the just-gotta-be relationship fans have waited for!) steams up Stars Hollow. Gilmore going down: Rory. College, boys and career plans crash and burn, leaving the once-confident golden girl reeling. Fasten your seat belt for a fabulously funny and heartbreakingly dramatic Season 5. The wit, charm and eccentricity that have created legions of Gilmore Girls devotees are on glorious display in all 22 episodes of the hit series’ fifth year. Adding more sparkle is the brilliant array of totally off-kilter, totally engaging supporting characters: Sookie, Paris, Lane, Kirk, Michel, the imperious Gilmore pere et mere and a townful more. See you in Stars Hollow!

Special features include:
Commentary by: creator/writer/producer Amy Sherman-Palladino and writer/producer Dan Palladino on You Jump, I Jump, Jack (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround),
Gilmore Girls Turns 100 – featurette on the 100th episode,
Behind-the-scenes of the 100th episode, and
Who Wants to Talk Gilmore? the season’s wittiest wordplay moments

The well-loved series lives on with the installment of season 5, a season that the fans will argue is hands down the best. This go around we get to focus on the Lorelai and Luke’s relationship which is something fans had been dying to see since season 1. We also get to see Rory take another step into adulthood as she deals with new and old relationships (aka Dean and Logan).

Rory portrays the self doubting college student as well as any actress could. She brings a life and innocence to the character that is so rare to see on television today. However, it is Lorelai’s character that truly stands out in this season, her quirky and clever comments make her as adorable as ever, and it is horribly wrong that she was looked over for an Emmy nomination. The season overall is written beautifully, a testament to the talent of writers of the show. The storylines were fresh and brilliantly executed.

The unexpected moments that come throughout the season keep the magic alive, and that is what the fans love so much about this adorable series. The finale, “A House Is Not A Home”, is a major piece of Gilmore Girls history. It sets up situations that are quite major in the Gilmore’s lives, and they carry over into season six.

This is a series that only gets better with age. If you’re a fan, then you already know this is a must have, but if you’re new to the Gilmore world, season 5 is an excellent place to start!

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: A+
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