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DVD Review: Everwood- The Complete Third Season

DVD Review: Everwood- The Complete Third Season


I can’t tell you how glad I am that they’re finally releasing all the seasons of Everwood on DVD. There was concern after the not-so-great DVD sales of Season 1, that fans would never see the remaining 3 seasons released. Well, we’ve only got one more to go after this one, so you guys better go out and pick it up!

Everwood is the best family drama I’ve ever seen, and I’m not exaggerating. The writing, the acting… everything is as good as it gets. It’s one of those shows where the fans and the critics know what’s up – but the rest of America just didn’t jump on the bandwagon. And we were so close to having a 5th Season, but many fans speculate (including myself) that 7th Heaven‘s revival (at the birth of CW) was what killed the series.

So what’s all the fuss about? Everwood tells the story of a father and son who don’t quite get along. Andy Brown (Treat Williams) was a world-class neurosurgeon who didn’t truly appreciate his family until a horrible accident claimed the life of his wife. In an effort to do things right… and bond with his two children Ephram (Gregory Smith) and Delia (Vivien Cardone), he uprooted them and moved them from New York City to Everwood, Colorado. This doesn’t go over well with Ephram who feels like this is just another one of his father’s giant mess-up’s. But by the time we get to this season, Season 3, we start to see this relationship slowly grow and repair itself. Ephram has committed himself to his music after a not so great summer at Juilliard, and Andy finds himself drawn to a patient’s wife (and into an ethical dilemma). We meet newcomer Dr. Jake Hartman (Scott Wolf) who falls for the Nina (Stephanie Niznik), the woman who we so desperately want to see Andy with. And then, in my opinion the best part of Season 3, Hannah Rogers (Sarah Drew). Hannah is the nerdy girl who falls for Bright (Chris Pratt), the stud and older brother of Amy (Emily Vancamp) – Ephram’s love interest. I think I’ve illustrated the obvious drama and tangled web of the characters, but what is impossible for me to illustrate is the superb quality of the writing. Every episode will leave you feeling like you just saw something incredibly special. And you did.

Special features are kinda weak…. selected outtakes aren’t really enough to get me excited, but then again I’m just glad the series is being released period.

Grade: A+

Review By: Emma Loggins

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