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TV Review: The Spin Crowd

TV Review: The Spin Crowd


After watching the season premiere for the Kardashians, I felt like I was still lacking a sufficient amount of reality TV drama. Then I watched the premiere for The Spin Crowd, and I have to say I definitely got my drama fix.

Throughout eight half-hour episodes, The Spin Crowd examines the inner workings of Command PR. Everything from putting on events to managing celebrity reputation gets tackled by these Hollywood publicists. You’ll see appearances by the Kardashian family, Sophie Monk, Travis McCoy, Pete Wentz, and Stephanie Pratt just to name a few.

So what’s the verdict? It’s one of my new favorite reality series. And here’s why…

Simon Huck. I love this man. He’s so entertaining to watch, and he says like it is. When you pair him with Command PR president Jonathan Cheban, Simon has a plethora of material to work with. They’re a dream team of amusement for the viewer. Simon, is in fact the only employee Jonathan has that seems comfortable with – or even willing to stand up to Jonathan. All the girls seem too frighten to say what they really think. For example, in this episode Jonathan tells Erica that she would look a lot better with lip injections, and then actually makes the appointment and pays for it for her. Erika goes to the appointment and is obviously eager to please… though she’s doing so through tears because she hates the results. Thank god she only the temporary ones right? Well, Jonathan doesn’t think so. In fact he lets off on her saying he doesn’t have time for her games. All along, Simon is sitting there with his mouth agape at the scene before him. But karma isn’t far away, and Simon has no problem bringing it straight to Jonanthan’s doorstep.

Other noteworthy moments in the premiere consist of Jonathan and Simon trying to sell Mario Lopez on hosting an event for a self tanner marketed at men. The irony isn’t lost on Mario, who points out “Being born Mexican, I already have a tan going.” Awkward.

You may not agree with what you hear, or how they operate… but one thing is for sure, you won’t be able to look away.

Review By: Emma Loggins

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  1. Are you serious?! You mean to tell me, this show is all about a PR agency? I will be tuning in then! Since reading your biography, I’d really love to continue school after I resume and complete my studies in Psychology, and follow similarly in your footsteps. I really want to open a PR agency! This show is defenitely for me!


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