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DVD Review: Chuck Season 3 Blu-ray

DVD Review: Chuck Season 3 Blu-ray


I can’t say as I’ve ever seen a series combine action and humor quite the way Chuck does, and Season 3 is no exception.

For those of you that haven’t jumped on the Chuck fanwagon yet, now is the best time to start. You’ve got 3 fabulous seasons of back episodes to watch, and what will surely be the best season yet starting on NBC next week. What do you need to know about the series? Here’s the official Season 3 description:

The world’s nerdiest secret agent is back in the one-hour action-comedy series Chuck. Zachary Levi stars as Chuck Bartowski, the Buy More electronics store computer geek who unwittingly becomes the government’s most vital secret agent. At the end of last season, Chuck was transformed into the Intersect 2.0 after receiving another data download into his brain. This time, however, he not only knows government secrets, he is also equipped with the knowledge and coordination of deadly fight skills. Chuck finally has the potential to become a real agent. There’s just one problem — his emotions. Can Chuck keep his emotions in check as he assumes his new role as the Intersect 2.0? His handlers will still be there to protect him, but they also must help him become the agent he is destined to be.

Originally Season 3 season was scheduled for 13 episodes, but it was extended to 19 episodes, giving Chuck fans the thrill of having two awesome season finales. The end of Season 3 was an explosive (literally) game changer. It’ll be exciting to see where the writers take Season 4 which starts on September 20th.

The best thing about this show is the cast. I’ve met them in person a number of times, and they’re exactly how you think and hope they would be. They have fabulous chemistry with each other (both on and off screen) and bring an honest quality to their characters that you can’t help but love. Pair that with superb storylines, great comedy, and a romance that will have you biting your lip and you’ve got one incredible television show. And speaking of romance, Season 3 is the season where we finally get Sarah and Chuck together!

It’s no secret though that Chuck has been on the bubble since the beginning. Ratings have been a little less than what NBC was going for even though the fans remained loyal. In fact viewership declined dramatically last season. So now it’s up to the fans to recruit more fans for the upcoming season and of course get them hooked on the DVDs of the previous seasons. It’s a show worth watching and keeping on the air. It’s not very often that shows like Chuck come around.

Special features on the Blu-ray release include declassified scenes, a featurette on becoming a spy, and a fantastic gag real that you have to check out!

Grade: A
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Review By: Emma Loggins

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