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DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy Season 6

DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy Season 6


There are few shows that do finales the way Grey’s Anatomy does them. There wasn’t much that Grey fans could say after the Season 6 finale, we were too busy staring at the television with our mouths agape to realize anything that was going on around us.

After the Season 5 finale, with the heartbreaking exit of T.R. Knight in an episode that not only caught non-spoiler-fans off guard but also pulled at our hearts, I thought there was no way we were going to have another season finale with as much drama. Clearly, I was wrong.

To me, it was the finale that really stood out in Season 6 (a season that almost seemed to be getting a little boring at points). Yes, we had a lot changes, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) finally made her departure after recovering from cancer and then going kinda crazy on Alex, Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) became Cheif, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) finally became stable and for the most part drama-less after her post-it note wedding to McDreamy, and lots of new characters were introduced (because we would need them for the finale). Those were the highlights from Season 6, but as I said before – it’s really the finale that shapes this season. As a fan who has seen every episode since Season 1, I cried, I gasped, and I said “omigod” about 500 times during the 2-parter finale which saw a disgruntled husband of a former patient come back to seek closer (and revenge) for the death of his wife. And one thing that fans have learned from previous seasons is that no one is safe on this show. If the writers want you off… (*cough* T.R. Knight, Isaiah Washington, Katherine Heigl.. *cough), then they won’t keep you around even if you are apart of the main cast. Knowing this made watching the end of Season 6 all the more intense.

But enough about the finale. Grey’s Anatomy is a serialized show, but it’s something that you can jump into at any point and feel satisfied with what you’re watching without feeling lost. In my opinion, this is what marks the true success of the series.

Watching the show, the characters, and the writing evolve over the last 6 years, you feel an attachment to the series. One that you start to feel concerned about when the show has been on for so long. Hopefully the actors will continue to stay contracted with the series, even though several of them have expressed interest in moving on after this upcoming season. While the show isn’t for the faith of heart, it definitely will find a place in your heart.

Special features include an extended finale (over 20 additional minutes – it’s a must-watch!), unaired scenes, outtakes, 6 webisodes, and more.

Grade: B+
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Review By: Emma Loggins

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