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DVD Review: The Big Bang Theory Season 3

DVD Review: The Big Bang Theory Season 3


There are few shows – especially comedies – that you can say are consistently brilliant, entertaining, and lovable. The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows.

This summer, during the slow lull of reruns and craptastic reality shows that made you feel guilty for even considering to waste your time, I decided to grab some DVDs from The Big Bang Theory and pass the days. I really had no expectations, though virtually all of my tech savvy friends who watch TV had said that it was their favorite show. It didn’t take even one episode to see why. As a 26 year old female living in Atlanta, Georgia, most of my social circle has either gone to Georgia Tech or is currently going to Georgia Tech and is working on their Ph.D. in very close fields to those that the beloved characters from this series have their degrees in.

Season 3 marks the the start of a beautiful love affair between Leonard and Penny. It was about freaking time right? While all the episodes are absolutely fantastic, I think my favorite moment was probably the possibility introduced in the season finale with guest star Mayim Bialik (Blossom). Thanks to Howard, Raj, and the internet – Sheldon’s profile was actually matched with another human being. What’s next? The first date. Sheldon reluctantly decides to go along with this once he finds out what’s up, but doesn’t seem to mind once he discovers this female’s not-so-unfamiliar personality is like looking in a mirror.

What’s so great about The Big Bang Theory is that it appeals to absolutely everyone. I love it, my techie boyfriend loves it, my girlfriends love it, my parents love it… It’s an addictive comedy with a fantastic ensemble cast. But what really makes the show is Jim Parsons (who finally won his Emmy a couple weeks ago for his work in this series). His character, Sheldon Cooper, is my favorite on television right now.

For those fans that have already seen every episode of the last season, you’re probably wondering about the special features. Here’s what we’ve got: Gag Reel, Set Tour with Simon and Kunal, and a featurette with the cast where they talk about their favorite Season 3 moments. All good… would have liked more though. But at least Season 4 starts back tonight, because those extras weren’t going to be holding me out very long.

Grade: A+
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Review By: Emma Loggins

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  1. You got the Blu-Ray right? How was the picture quality? Did it transfer well to Blu-Ray? I have not bought this yet but it’s on the list!


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