Grey’s Won’t Go Grey-less

This Post-It note just in! Meredith Grey won’t go missing from Seattle Grace after all.

Sources confirm that Ellen Pompeo is expected to return to the set of Grey’s Anatomy “very soon” after giving birth to baby girl Stella Luna on Sept. 15. Thanks to her early return, as well as her willingness to pre-shoot scenes before the birth (most of which took place in bed after Meredith’s liver surgery in last night), it appears to be working out that not a single episode will go Meredith Grey-less.

Pretty good news for Meredith and Derek fans, right?

As for all you Owen and Christina fans who are freaking out over rumors of trouble in paradise…

Sources confirm it’s true that 24 and Lipstick Jungle beauty Kim Raver will appear on the show starting Nov. 12 in a recurring role as a surgeon, and if things work out, she could be upped to series-regular status.

So what of the notion that Raver could be a love interest for Owen (Kevin McKidd), as my frienemy has speculated?

“It’s possible that they do have some kind of connection,” one show insider tells me. “But I think Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers are big fans [of Christina (Sandra Oh) and Owen] and will do right by them in the end.”

McKidd himself hinted at some sort of trouble ahead when he told us, “Someone comes to the hospital that he was connected to in his past, not his ex-fiancee, but it’s somebody we didn’t expect. I think it could get a little tricky, but exciting and interesting. Hopefully it will bring [Owen and Cristina] closer in the long run.”

I’m told Raver’s storyline hasn’t yet been shot, so here’s the thing: No time like the present to let the powers that be know how you feel about…Chrowen? No? Owstina? No? (OK, so they’re names don’t combine to make some cute little annoying moniker but they’re still hot!)


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  1. I heard that Katherine Heigl is taking time off to film a movie.

    I love Kim Raver! I think she will be a great addition!