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Chuck 4.14 Episode Review

Chuck 4.14 Episode Review


Chuck has a tough act to follow after last week’s psuedo-season (psuedo-series, even) finale. Now that Chuck and Sarah are reunited (and engaged!) the members of Team Bartowski are all too happy to get back to spy business, which means rescuing Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette) from Marrakesh, where he was last seen investigating (what else?) a group of female mercenaries led by Fatima (Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Lesley-Ann Brandt). Montgomery isn’t all that happy about being rescued, especially since one errant sneeze gets everyone except Casey thrown in the dungeon. Since they’re down there, however, it’s a perfect time for him to give Chuck and Sarah unofficial couples counseling as they bicker over whether or not to elope.

I admit that I’ve never been a John Larroquette fan, and his last appearance on the show wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but I didn’t mind him here. Roan’s relationship with General Beckman gives some much appreciated extra screen time and backstory to Bonita Friedericy (with a little “Wind of Change” by Scorpions), and his being forced to work as a Buy More drone is worth a good chuckle. Being the sneaky spy he is, he gives advice to both Chuck and Sarah about their disagreement, leading Sarah to end up in a belly dancer costume but also eventually leading them to discuss the underlying issues in their relationship (while they’re rescuing Casey, of course). He may not be my favorite character, but Roan’s outlook and his history with Beckman provides Chuck and Sarah a chance to look into their own potential futures. That, and I just love General Beckman with a missile launcher. Best. Moment. Of the episode.

In other matters, Morgan prepares to meet Alex’s mother. He suggests to Casey that he tell his former fiancee that he is, in fact, not dead, a suggestion that doesn’t go over well with Alex herself. There’s a poignant moment near episode’s end where Casey arrives anyway, and realizes that Kathleen has moved on with her life. It’s one of those moments where I just want to hug the guy, even if I know he’d break both my arms for doing so. Especially when it’s followed by a scene between Ellie and Mary Elizabeth about motherhood and family, the last few minutes of this episode had me contemplating my Kleenex box. They’re a nice reminder of the fact that while Chuck may have all this fun spy stuff going on, it always comes back to family and friends, and things we can all relate to. The spy stuff is just a nice backdrop for the lives of characters we love.

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  1. I agree. Although the spy stuff is fun, it is always more fun to watch the interaction between Chuck and his family and friends. They could though, do away with anything Jeffster!


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