Sadie Sink Joins Jordan Scott’s ‘Berlin Nobody’

Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink is joining the cast of Jordan Scott’s Berlin Nobody. Eric Bana and Sylvia Hoeks also set to star in the thriller, which is currently filming in the Berlin, Germany.

Also joining Sink for the film are rising German star Jonas Dassler and Sophie Rois. And director Jordan Scott is also writing the film with the project being produced by her father Sir Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions.

Details are still relatively vague about the movie, but we know it follows the story of American ex-pat and psychologist Ben Monroe (Bana) who relocates to Berlin to conduct further research on the epidemic of cult mentality. As he immerses himself in German culture, his rebellious teenage daughter Mazzy (Sink) becomes entwined with a mysterious and enigmatic local boy (Dassler).

Jordan is writing and directing the film and the flick is being produced by her father Sir Ridley Scott’s Scott Free banner.

Berlin Nobody Comes on the Heels of Stranger Things Season 4

Berlin Nobody comes on the heels of Stranger Things Season 4 for Sink. She plays Max Mayfield in the hit Netflix series. And the star recently revealed that she wants to write a letter to Kate Bush to say a “giant thank you” after her classic song “Running Up That Hill” featured in a vital scene for her character.

“The amount of times that I’ve listened to her music over the past two years is ridiculous. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’ve created her in my head. I need to reach out in some way. I would love to write her a letter or something. Because she played such a big role in Max’s journey. I owe her so much.” Sink says.

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