From ‘Wonder Woman’ to ‘Heart of Stone’: A Look at the Growth of Gal Gadot’s Net Worth and Career

Gal Gadot Net Worth

Gal Gadot is best known for her roles in Wonder Woman, Red Notice, and Death on the Nile. Since starting her career in Hollywood around 2007, she’s appeared in more than 32 movies and television series.

In addition to her success in front of the camera, Gal Gadot’s net worth is also impacted by her work as a savvy international investor in business and real estate. Not to mention, she’s also a model, martial artist, and vocalist. In fact, Gadot was Miss Israel 2004 in the Miss Universe Pageant and served two years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). 

Curious about Gadot’s most successful projects? Trace her career from her first acting gig in 1999 until now.

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Early Life

Gal Gadot-Varsano was born on April 30, 1985, in Petah Tikva, Israel. Her mother, Irit, is a teacher. And her father, Michael, is an engineer. Additionally, Gadot has a younger sister, Dana, with whom Gadot reportedly has a strong relationship.

As exemplified by her proud service in the IDF, Gadot is a Zionist, believing in the protection of the Jewish state of Israel, her homeland. She was raised in a Jewish household, which Gadot has characterized as strict. However, she was allowed to enjoy hobbies during her childhood, including various sports and motorcycle riding.

Young Gal Gadot
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After watching the hit sitcom Ally McBeal, Gadot found herself inspired to pursue a legal career. She enrolled as a law student at IDC Herzliya and attended after she fulfilled her military service to the IDF. She received a degree in law and political science.

During her time with the IDF, she had the job of being a fitness instructor. And she was responsible for helping troops stay healthy, active, and free of injury.

Gal Gadot
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Acting Career

Gadot’s interest in performance started from a young age, when she showed an interest in athletics, hoping to become a dance choreographer one day. However, she didn’t fully pursue acting until college. And this would be after several successful modeling campaigns and beauty pageants. 

Her first IMDB credit is in the Israeli historic situational comedy Shemesh, which ran from 1997 to 2004. In 1999, Gadot appeared in one episode of the TV series, and it would remain her only acting credit until 2007. 

Fast and Furious Premiere
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Fast and Furious

In 2009, Gadot appeared in her breakthrough role in Fast & Furious, starring as Gisele Yashar, a Mossad agent. The movie, which stars Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker, and Michelle Rodriguez, was a hit at the box office, grossing more than $360 million on its $85 million budget.

Gadot would appear in two more Fast and Furious franchise films, including Fast Five in 2011 and Fast & Furious 6 in 2013. And while she didn’t star in Furious 7, she is featured in deleted scenes for the film.

Fast Five, which also starred Dwayne Johnson, was another massive box office success, earning over $626 million in worldwide ticket sales against its $125 million budget. And Fast & Furious 6 was even more successful, raking in over $788.6 million against its $160 million budget.

Gal Gadot at Keeping Up With the Joneses movie premiere
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Triple 9

In 2016, Gadot starred in the Atlanta-filmed Triple 9 opposite Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, and Woody Harrelson. Despite having a solid cast full of star power, the film was not a box office success, only grossing $23 million worldwide against its $20 million budget. It wasn’t a hit with film critics, either.

Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Another significant boost to Gal Gadot’s net worth came in 2016 when the DC Comics Extended Universe first introduced Gadot as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Her first appearance in the role was for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opposite Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

While not a hit with movie critics and a lukewarm reaction from fans, the film still managed to perform exceptionally well at the global box office, earning more than $873 million on its $250 budget.

As of 2022, Batman v Superman is Gadot’s highest-grossing film.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot at the Wonder Woman Premiere
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Wonder Woman Franchise

In 2017, Gadot once again reprised her role as Diana Prince in the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman. Starring opposite Chris Pine and Robin Wright in the film, it’s reported that Gadot was only paid $300,000 for the film.

The movie wasn’t only a huge hit with critics and fans. But it was also massively successful at the box office. With a budget of $149 million, Wonder Woman grossed more than $822 million worldwide, making it Gadot’s second-highest-grossing film.

Wonder Woman 1984
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In 2020, Gadot returned to the role yet again for Wonder Woman 1984. It was one of the first films to be released on HBO Max during the pandemic. So understandably, box office numbers weren’t as high as they potentially could have been. With a budget of $200 million, the film still managed to earn more than $169 million worldwide.

While it’s unclear how big of a financial impact the film had on HBO Max subscriptions, what is clear is that the film had a sizable impact on Gal Gadot’s net worth, as she took home $10 million for the DC film.

Justice League
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Justice League

After the first Wonder Woman movie, Gadot also started in Justice League in 2017. With a massive budget of $300 million, the film earned over $657 million globally. Gadot was reportedly only paid $300,000 for her role here as well, as contracts were likely finalized before the success of her solo DC film occurred.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

2021 brought Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which was the director’s cut version of the 2017 film. The difference between the two films felt far more violent to fans. And there was also significantly more blood

The movie premiered on streaming and home video in the summer of 2021. And while it wasn’t scheduled to have a big screen premiere, it did end up playing in one theater thanks to the efforts of Kevin Smith.

Gal Gadot at Red Notice Premiere
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Red Notice

Another massive boost to Gal Gadot’s salary came in 2021 when she starred in Netflix’s Red Notice alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. The film had a production budget of $160 million, which included a $20 million salary for Gadot as well as for Johnson and Reynolds. Gadot made headlines for her salary in the film, since all three leads were paid equally despite their genders. 

“My biggest struggle as a woman has been equal pay as my male co-stars, whom I love so much,” Gadot said during an April 2021 press conference. “As a woman, that has been the biggest thing. As a human being, I have struggled with many other problems. But the thing that I fought for the most, was equal pay with my male stars.”

Gal Gadot Closeup
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Recent Work

In 2022, Gadot took on the role of Linnet Ridgeway in the acclaimed Agatha Christie film Death on the Nile. With a budget of $90 million, the film raked in over $137 million.

In 2023, Gadot had a number of uncredited appearances in films such as The Flash, Fast X and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. She also starred in Netflix’s crime thriller Heart of Stone, which released on the streaming platform on August 11. She starred opposite Jamie Dornan in the flick.

Gal Gadot on Red Carpet
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Other Ventures

Also impacting Gal Gadot’s net worth are several business ventures outside of Gadot’s acting career. In 2019, Gadot announced that she and her husband, Jason Varsano, launched the production company Pilot Wave. The company has seven projects currently in development, including Wonder Woman 3 and Cleopatra, both of which will star Gadot in the lead role.

Gadot’s husband is also a real estate developer. The couple has worked together on numerous projects, including a Tel-Aviv hotel that they eventually sold to Roman Abramovich for $26 million.

Additionally, Gadot has partaken in several endorsement deals with brands like Revlon.

Gal Gadot Actress
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Real Estate

Gal Gadot’s net worth is also impacted by a number of real estate investments, including a $5 million Malibu condo she purchased in 2020. The property is an exclusive gated community that includes only three other properties. Additionally, it comes with an HOA fee of $1200 per month.

Gadot and her husband also own a $5.6 million dollar home in Hollywood Hills that Gadot uses when filming as well as a home in Isreal.

Gal Gadot Husband Yaron Versano
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Personal Life

Gal Gadot is married to Jaron Versano, an Israeli businessman. Gadot has said that she knew she would marry Versano as soon as their relationship began. However, they waited two years before tying the knot. Together, they have three daughters.

In 2020 Gal Gadot received criticism and backlash for releasing a video of celebrities singing John Lennon’s song Imagine. Critics disliked hearing wealthy celebrities singing lines like “imagine no possessions” as thousands of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Intended to bring people together in the face of the pandemic, Gadot admitted that her video didn’t hit Instagram at an appropriate time.

Gal Gadot Net Worth
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Gal Gadot’s Net Worth Today

As of 2023, Gal Gadot’s net worth is estimated at $40 million. And while the primary source of her net worth has been her acting career, her production company, brand partnerships, and real estate investments also impact that number.

Fans of Gal Gadot can see her next in 2023’s Heart of Stone and Irena Sendler. She’ll also star in 2024’s Snow White, where she’ll play the Evil Queen opposite West Side Story‘s Rachel Zegler

Also in the works is a TV miniseries where Gadot will star as Hedy Lemarr. The series, which will air on Apple TV+, is based on the biography of Hedy Lammar. Additionally, Gadot will star as Cleopatra in Cleopatra; she’s also writing and producing for the project as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, Gadot has five additional projects in various stages of development, including a sequel to 2021’s Red Notice.


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