‘Babylon’ Trailer Feels Like ‘La La Land’ Meets ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’


It’s pure chaos in the newly released Babylon trailer! The upcoming film from La La Land director Damien Chazelle promises a wild ride for fans full of drugs, sex, a little bit of jazz, and a whole lot of Hollywood madness. 

The Babylon trailer was teased earlier this year at CinemaCon and then CineEurope in June. And on Monday, the full trailer dropped at TIFF. This morning, Paramount uploaded it to YouTube to share with the rest of us.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

The film, which releases in theaters on January 6, 2023, stars Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Samara Weaving, Olivia Wilde, and Tobey Maguire – just to name a few. The story is set in Los Angeles during the 1920s as the movie industry makes a transition from silent films to talkies. So expect outrageous excess as the movie traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood. 

Take a look at the trailer below, which, by the way, is not safe for work. 

Babylon Trailer (NSFW)

While the film won’t “officially” release in theaters until January 2023. It will likely have a limited release later in 2022 so that it’s eligable for award season. For movie fans not aware, a film has to play in theaters before the end of a calendar year, for at least seven days, to be eligible for the Oscars. In fact, early 2023 Oscar predictions are already calling Brad Pitt’s performance in the film a strong contender for award season.

Personally, I can’t wait to check this one out. I absolutely love Chazelle’s work, not to mention this one has an incredible cast. Are you excited for Babylon? Sound off in our comment section below!


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