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Home TV ‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Wolf’s Bane
‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Wolf’s Bane

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Wolf’s Bane


Um, wow. I’m sorry, I’m still in shock! In this weeks episode of Teen Wolf many secrets were revealed. Our biggest question this season was finally answered, “Who is the Alpha?” To top off this huge revelation, we get hit with a few more jaw-dropping moments during the episode.

During this episode, Derek gets shirtless, Jackson makes a shocking discovery, Lydia becomes ‘dead weight,’ Allison has an interesting talk with Kate, Stiles is perfection, and we finally figure out who the Alpha is.

The episode starts off with Mr. Harris, the chemistry teacher, having a personal encounter with the Alpha. He gets around, doesn’t he? Trust me, though, Mr. Alpha was not happy. Luckily, our favorite lone wolf (bad pun) saved the day! Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is about ready to take on the Alpha, but, ruh roh, the police show up. Oh, and to top off the series of horrible events, the hunters join in on the fun! Poor Derek, at least he’s getting his cardio in. Lucky for Derek, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) were there to rescue him from his little jog.

I give Jeff Davis props. How is it possible to make a show interesting from start to finish? With me, it’s pretty hard to keep my interest for an hour, unless you’re Joseph Morgan, but that’s another story.

Some of my favorite things about this weeks episode are as followed:

1.) Jackson’s revelation:
Jackson (Colton Haynes) finally figured out Scott’s big secret. To top this off, he’s threatening to expose him to Allison. Not. Good. Jackson is pretty aware of Scott’s abilities, and he wants in. This cannot end well.

2.) Miguel:
I’m having trouble writing this, because of my nonstop giggling. Oh, Stiles. The reason why I loved this scene, was because it lightened up the mood! Teen Wolf is intensity at its best, but this scene was hilarious. Seeing as Derek is a fugitive, it might be best to hide his identity to strangers. This worked to their advantage when Danny came over for some “lab work.” Stiles needed Danny to trace a text, but he was hesitant. Well, until Derek/Miguel went shirtless for him. Derek’s abs can be very persuasive. Fact.

3.) Kate is a psycho:
Well, that goes without saying, but she took it to a whole new level when she started talking about murder to Allison. I must admit, it freaked me out. Allison told her that she hated feeling helpless, which led to Kate telling her to be patient, and that she can teach her. Um, this cannot be good. Mini-Kate? I’m scared already.

4.) Alpha:
The biggest question this season was finally answered, and I’m still in shock. The alpha is Derek’s uncle! What?! To be honest, I NEVER expected the Alpha to be Peter Hale, the man that couldn’t even communicate, who’s paralyzed… Or so we thought. An extremely crazy twist.

5.) The scratch:
It is revealed that a scratch from a werewolf might turn you into one, if the scratch is deep enough. Kate and Daddy Argent were discussing it whilst looking at the back of Jackson’s neck. Bad news, Jackson. You’re suspected as one of the Betas, which puts you on top of the hunters hit lists.

All in all, this episode was perfection. Probably my favorite Teen Wolf episode thus far. (I say that every week.) It kept you glued to you TV the entire time, and released some very interesting information. Oh, and I’m hoping that next week will be filled with more Miguel shirtlessness.


  • What are you hoping for next week?
  • Were you surprised by who the Alpha was?
  • What was your favorite part of this weeks episode?

Rating: A+

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  1. Favourite part: Derek shaking his finger at Stiles saying “you KNOW what that was for”. Derek is not only hot, but can also be really funny.


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