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Home TV ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Surface Tension
‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Surface Tension

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Surface Tension


In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) move in together! It all seems to be a good idea, until they get a little note from their favorite stalker.

“What fun, two little liars under one roof. You’re making it so easy.” -A

Well, that lasted for about two minutes. Cue panic.

To top off all the ‘A’ drama, the Montgomery’s decide to throw a little get together. And who do they invite? None other than Aria’s (Lucy Hale) two love interests. Ezra (Ian Harding) and Jason (Drew Van Acker). Trust me, I’m all for an epic love triangle, and PLL definitely delivers ten-fold. You can’t deny it, Jason and Aria have so much chemistry. There may be nothing between them at the moment, but there will be. I’m almost positive that it’s going to throw a wrench in between the ‘Ezria’ love aspect. (I can already hear the angry fangirls protesting.)

Speaking of love, Spencer and Toby (Keegan Allen) are so cute. They tell each other everything. What they’re day’s like, how they’re feeling, and if they happen to find possible murder weapons in their other half’s yard. Uh oh. Major trouble there. When Toby happened to find a hockey stick, Peter Hastings was not happy about it. It was snapped off at the handle and the blade was splintered. Sounds very suspicious. It automatically clicked that this hockey stick could have actually been the murder weapon!

Meanwhile, as Spencer contemplated the possibility of her father actually being a psycho murderer, Aria’s brother, Mike, was being a little rebel brat. I’m really starting to dislike Mike. I feel as though he just wants attention, which is fine, but breaking into houses? Too much. Either he wants more attention, or he wants to permanently ruin his parents relationship. I’m hoping it’s the first choice. Only one good thing came out of his obsession with breaking and entering. They finally figured out that Jenna and Garrett were secretly scheming together. FINALLY! (Note: I loved how Aria completely overlooked the fact that her brother was trying to steal a gun… From a cop. Smooth Aria.)

Right as Spencer is about to pretty much out her dad as Ali’s killer, she receives a text message from Aria.

Just in time! I was wondering when they’d finally realize that Officer McFriendly was sleeping with the enemy. Another twist thrown into the mix. This will not end well. Is there anybody these girls can trust? I’m starting to doubt it.

This episode of Pretty Little Liars was amazing. I pretty much say this every week, but I’m utterly impressed that they can leave me confused every single episode. That takes skills. I absolutely loved the whole Ezra/Aria/Jason love triangle thing. I’m hoping for some more juicy jealously next week. The only thing I didn’t like about this week’s episode was Aria’s brother. He’s obnoxious and such a brat. I’m hoping they’ll fix his attitude problem soon.

Rating: A-


  • Who do you like Aria with, Ezra or Jason?
  • How do you think the little liars will deal with the “Garrett” situation?
  • What are your thoughts on Peter Hastings and the hockey stick?



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