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Home TV ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Review: Dogs of War
‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Review: Dogs of War

‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’ Review: Dogs of War


If I could, this whole review would be all about Alek (Benjamin Stone), and how he’s perfection. Sadly, that wouldn’t be very interesting, well, it would, but still. The show starts off introducing a new race. The Jackal. It definitely spiked my interest, seeing as the Jackal was played by no other than, Colton Haynes. Sound familiar? Think, Teen Wolf. After having a not so pleasant encounter with the Alek and Jasmine, it is revealed that Jackal’s don’t usually get along with Mai. Ever.

This didn’t stop Kai (Colton Haynes) from seeking help, though. He ended up running into Chloe (Skyler Samuels) in a dark alley. It’s kind of sketchy, if you ask me. Yet, seeing as Chloe is extremely kind-hearted– she invited a stranger, with extremely sharp teeth, whose race hates Mai, into her home. Smart, no? Only good thing to come out of this was seeing a shirtless Colton Haynes. Okay, time to get my mind out of the gutter.

Just as the audience is getting all attached to Kai, thinking he’s really on Chloe’s side, he ruins it. He lures them into a trap, and almost gets Alek killed! Automatically on my freaking list, Kai. Not cool. Not. Cool. In the end, he sort of redeems himself by saving Chloe. Sadly, since he put Alek in danger, I’m not forgiving him that easily.

Speaking of Alek, his relationship with Chloe is finally evolving! In the final minutes of this week’s episode, he finally expressed his feelings for her. Personally, this was my favorite part of the episode. I’m definitely ‘Team Alek,’ if you couldn’t tell already. He’s risked his life for Chloe countless times, and with him comes no complications. Simple as that. Plus, his accent is dreamy.

I actually really liked this episode, bringing in a new species was a fun and creative way to mix up the story. My favorite scenes were, of course, with Alek and Chloe. They have undeniable chemistry. My least favorite scenes were… I can’t think of anything. Thumbs up for Nine Lives!

Rating: A+


  • Are you Team Alek, or Team Brian?
  • How did Chloe’s parent’s relationship work?
  • What other species are you hoping to see in this series?
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  1. team alek for sure!!!!! alek is so hot and i love his killer accent! brian sucks, hes boring and stupid, plus hes just human, so (i hope) he cant kiss chloe. GO CHALEK!

  2. Team Alek! I was team Brian for the first few episodes, but then I got to see more of Alek, and how he would continuously risk his life for Chloe, that and he’s so sweet.

  3. Chloes parents relationship didn’t work out I guess. He went away and they haven’t heard from him in a LONG time

  4. I hope to see werewolves or vampires in the series.. I know their the usuals, but I still think it’d be cool to see them!

  5. TEAM ALEK!!!

    He’s sweet, really cares about her, sexy (especially when he’s jealous), HOT and Chloe CAN ACTUALLY KISS HIM!! She shouldn’t even be CONSIDERING Brian anymore! Alek all the way. 😉

    REALLY looking forward to next week’s episode – that Brian/Alek fight is gonna be do DIE for!!

  6. I don’t really want Chloe’s parents to get back together – it’d be nice if she still kept in touch with him, but I prefer that the storyline sticks with Chloe and not her mom.

    I hope to see more of the JACKALS!! That was such a surprize!! And that fact that Justin from Teen Wolf is a Jackal totally rocks!

  7. Team Alek, definitely! He always puts her first and has risked his life countless times. He has also shown her his sweet side and vulnerabilities. They are perfect together. Plus HE IS HOT AND LOVE THAT ACCENT!!


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