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Home TV ‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Formality
‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Formality

‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Formality


Oh snap! Only one more episode until the season finale of Teen Wolf! If you weren’t already excited, I’m sure this week’s episode definitely had everyone wanting more. I always think that this show cannot get any better, but it keeps delivering. Every week, we find ourselves pleasantly shocked and slightly confused.

This week’s episode starts off with Allison (Crystal Reed) pretty much freaking out. It’s understandable. She just found out that a supernatural species exists AND she spent time with Kate (Jill Wagner). That’s bound to mess you up. Somewhere in between her crying and spazzing, she reaches an ultimatum: She’s going to take control of her life, and prove to everyone that she’s strong.

To be honest, I haven’t necessarily liked Allison. Yet, in this episode I loved her. I actually loved a lot of things about this episode. Here’s a list of my favorite things about tonight’s “Formality”.

1. The Vet:
I have a lot of questions about him. From the very beginning, it was obvious that he was keeping a secret. He may not BE an Alpha, but he sure knows a lot about them. When Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) walked into the vet’s office, you could feel the tension. Plus, there was a short exchange about some wood? Perhaps it keeps wolf’s from entering a certain place. I’m curious to see where this plot takes us.

2. Kate:
We love to hate her. She has sarcastic lines and she’s wittingly evil. The fact that she’s torturing Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) makes me angry, the fact that she gets to see him shirtless makes me jealous, and the fact that she admits to having sex with him makes me slightly noxious. It turns out that Derek and Kate had a thing, but she was using him to get to the rest of his pack. Well, that could definitely end a relationship.

3. Peter Hale:
All I can say is… He’s just so evil, mysterious, dapper, and very strange. No one is safe, and he definitely proved that in tonight’s episode. First Scott’s mom, then Jackson (Colton Haynes), Allison, and Lydia (Holland Roden) is on the brick of death. I don’t think we’re getting rid of him anytime soon. (I hope!)

4. Danny:
This was inevitable. I’ve loved Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) since he was first introduced. My love didn’t falter a bit when Scott (Tyler Posey) started dancing with him to avoid being kicked out. Perfection. P.S. Well played, McCall. If I’m ever banned from a dance, and I need to attend to save my friend’s from a psycho werewolf, I’ll definitely try that one.

5. “Because I love you”
I can hear the world gasping and “awww”ing. This was the cutest moment ever. Scott and Allison finally make up, and all is right in the world. Well, for about five minutes. Ruh roh.

6. Lydia:
Like I said, no one is safe. Peter Hale tears Lydia to shreds. Literally. He’s fabulous, but he’s evil. Lydia was looking for Jackson, even though he’s been a complete jerk to her. She ends up on the lacrosse field, and to her dismay, she’s not alone. Luckily, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) was there to save her before it was too late. Well, it might still be too late, but at least he tries. Loving the Stiles/Lydia love aspect.

7. The Big Revelation:
Excuse me, my jaw is still on the floor. After Scott finally admits his feeling to Allison, the thinkable, yet unthinkable, happens. Scott’s secret is finally revealed. Allison now knows that Scott is a werewolf. This cannot end well.

So, all in all, I loved this episode. I say this every week, but Jeff Davis never ceases to amaze me. I’m so excited for the season finale next week! According to the promo, someone doesn’t make it out alive… Or human. I’m already clinging onto my seat.

Rating: A-


  • What is the vet’s connection to the Alpha?
  • What do you think will happen during next week’s finale?
  • What was your favorite moment in this week’s episode?
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