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Home TV ‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Review: Code Breaker
‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Review: Code Breaker

‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Review: Code Breaker


Um, wow. I’m still processing this whole episode. I have to admit, I found a few things predicable, but over all it was simply amazing. It’s pretty hard for me to pick a place to start off on! I’m trying to recollect all the crazy happenings this episode. Okay, I’ll have to start by saying well done to Jeff Davis. He is the executive producer of Teen Wolf, and he does NOT disappoint.

The season finale starts off right where it left off last week. Allison (Crystal Reed) is in full blown shock, I mean, I would be too if I found out my boyfriend was a werewolf. Not only that, but she also realizes that Scott is exactly what her family has been hunting. Not. Good.

About a minute after Crystal Reed’s flawless display of her acting talent, it is revealed that Lydia (Holland Roden) will either die, or become a werewolf. This tore me apart, because I LOVE Holland Roden. She cannot die. Werewolf? Yes. Die? No.

It is also revealed that Kate (Jill Wagner) is very defiant (Duh), and Allison’s mom is slightly scary. Okay, very scary.

What’s also very scary is how Allison walks into the hospital where Lydia is staying. This part had me confused. I suppose with Kate whispering crazy nonsense in her ear, she started visualizing Lydia in a VERY disturbing state.

The next scene cuts to Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Peter (Ian Bohen) discussing a very epic possibility. Seeing as Stiles helped Peter (against his will), Peter decided to offer him something in return. The bite. It all sounds very morbid. Yet, can you imagine werewolf Stiles? Stiles is already perfection, but add in some epic supernatural powers? Oh yes. To my dismay, and possibly others, Stiles declines. Though it is revealed that he DID want it. Envy for Scott? I think so.

Okay, one of the best parts of last night’s episode was Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Stiles teaming up. Well, after Allison dad’s locked them in a room and threatened them. Nice people skills, Argent.

Actually, the whole Argent family seems to be lacking in people skills, but they’re excelling in archery skills. Allison and Kate decide to attack my love, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), and Scott. Not. Cool. Luckily, as Scott and Derek are extremely close to kicking the bucket, Daddy Argent comes to the rescue! Thank goodness for ‘the Code’!

Oh, but all is NOT avoided, the Alpha (Peter Hale) decides to join the party! Really, really not good. All in all, our beloved Kate bites the dust. Even though Kate was a crazy psychotic woman, I felt very bad for her.

Just as Peter was about to attack Allison, Derek and Scott come to the rescue! Too bad that they don’t stand a chance. Two on one, and they still get their butt’s kicked! Throughout the whole fight, Peter was legit changing into the Alpha. Okay, now THIS was disturbing. That face. *Shivers* Just when we thought everyone was about to die, Jackson and Stiles come to the rescue! This whole sequence couldn’t have been possible without Lydia’s hidden intelligence. (Remember the episode “Night School” when they were trapped at school with the Alpha?) Okay, skipping to the awesome special effects part… The container explodes setting Peter on fire! Flames are blazing all over his body, and he still lives. Until Derek kills him. You know what that means. Trouble. Derek Hale is the new Alpha in town.

Before ending the episode they swiftly drop in two more cliff-hangers. First off, Lydia didn’t heal, and she didn’t die. This means that she is not a werewolf, but from what I could tell, it appears that she may very well be something else. Perhaps a witch? Lastly, even after everything that’s happened, Jackson STILL wants to become a werewolf. What. Is. Up. With. That. He’ll either get his wish, or he’ll die. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to find out next year. Not cool, Jeff Davis.

This episode was amazing, and I absolutely loved the cliff-hangers. I honestly cannot wait until next year. So many possibilities, including a shirtless Stiles? I hope so.

Rating: A


  • What did you think of the season finale of ‘Teen Wolf’?
  • If Lydia really is a supernatural creature, what do you want her to be?
  • What was your favorite moment during tonight’s episode?
  • Are you looking forward to next season?!
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