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Home TV ‘The Lying Game’ Review: Double Dibs
‘The Lying Game’ Review: Double Dibs

‘The Lying Game’ Review: Double Dibs


Last night’s The Lying Game, had my head reeling! So. Much. Information. Not to mention, a shirtless Blair Redford, and a new guy who is all sorts of YUM! I still wonder how it’s possible to actually focus on any show on ABC Family and The CW. There’s just so many good-looking people. It’s like Seventeen Magazine exploded on our TVs.

The episode immediately grabs my (and probably everyone’s) attention. Ethan Whitehorse (Blair Redford) laying shirtless on his bed, when he suddenly gets an incoming Skype call.

“Morning, sexy.” -Sutton

Um, well, let’s all act professional, and save the nods of agreement and giggling for later.

So, pretty much the last 100 words have been about a shirtless Blair Redford, and good-looking people. Okay, it’s officially time to get my head out of the gutter! In last night’s episode, “Double Dibs,” there were many amazing things to make this episode one of my favorites.

1. Blair Redford:
First off, this is obvious. I’ve been a fan of Blair since his portrayal as “Oscar” on 90210. I love how he can change characters so drastically. In last night’s episode, his character, Ethan, got into a bit of a predicament. Emma (Alexandra Chando) decides that it would be an excellent idea to tell Sutton’s parents everything, and to invite Ethan for dinner. Uh oh. This doesn’t go over too well with him. He makes it clear that he’s not okay with the situation, but in the end, he decides to go along. Just as everything is going well (TV world ‘well.’ Slight drama, but not too much), Ethan’s brother, Dan (Tyler Christopher), comes over with news that cannot wait. It turns out that someone framed Ethan for stealing Sutton’s computer. (We all know it’s Mads’ dad. Seriously not liking this guy!) What makes this even worse is that Emma actually believes he did it. Cue angry “shippers”!

2. Laurel:
We’re only three episodes into the series, and it’s already established that Laurel (Allie Gonino) usually gets the short end of the stick. It’s always Sutton first, Laurel second in her world. This is why I loved her storyline during this episode. Laurel finally finds a guy for herself. An incredibly hot guy, might I add. She meets Justin (Randy Wayne) while playing violin in an open, isolated field. She instantly falls for him, but is caught off guard when Char (Kristin Prout) shows interest in him. In the end, true love prevails and we all release a harmonious sound of “awwwwww’s!” Even though Char called “double dibs,” Justin didn’t care. He chose Laurel! I’m in love with this couple, and they haven’t even been on a first date yet.

3. Sutton and Her Baby Mama Drama!
Just as we all think Sutton and Thayer (Christian Alexander) finally found the long-lost birth mother, TLG (The Lying Game) throws in another twist. The woman on Emma and Sutton’s birth certificate turns out to not be their mother. It is revealed that their real mom was in bad shape, and paid someone to sign their name instead. Many words crossed my mind, including, ‘crazy’ and ‘illegal.’ If this wasn’t enough, it turns out that Emma was actually put into a great home, but her birth-mother showed up asking for her back. Sadly, the adoptive parents couldn’t do anything about it, seeing as the whole adoption process was illegal. Honestly though, poor Emma! She could have had an amazing childhood, but instead she gets thrown into foster care, and ends up with a pervy foster brother.

4. The Almost Kiss:
I’m not going to go into the detail of it. All I can say, is that this moment was perfect. Honestly? I love Emma and Ethan together, and I love Thayer and Sutton together. Wow. I already have my main “ships” for the show, and we’re only three episodes in. That’s dedication.

Ethan says that he “likes the Emma version” of Sutton. They both admit to feeling as though they can trust each other, and they lean in to kiss. While this is happening, I’m trying to contain my excitement, but sadly, they don’t kiss! I feel it’s for the better, though. If they had kissed then, it would have seemed way to easy.

5. Going back to Thayer and Sutton.
You have to admit, they have amazing chemistry. Or maybe it’s the fact that Alexandra Chando can do no wrong? I’m leaning towards the second choice. Towards the end of the episode, she decides to stay the night in Thayer’s place, but as they enter, they realize that someone had broken in and used Thayer’s computer. What’s with people breaking and entering just for computers? Well, it turns our that the culprit was none other than Mads and Thayer’s dad. I’m starting to think he has a computer fetish.

I’m only putting five, because I actually loved everything about this episode, these are just my top moments. I also loved Mads’ new storyline with her ballet teacher. It’s scandalous, and obviously this won’t end well.

Rating: A+


  • Do you like Sutton and Thayer together?
  • What was your favorite moment during last night’s episode?
  • What’s your take on Mads and the ballet teacher?
  • Are you liking the new character, Justin?

And for those of you who have no clue what a “ship” is:
Ship: A romantic relationship between two fictional characters.

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  1. love ethan and emma together 🙂
    and i like the new guy justin. laurel deserves to be happy too. and he turned down the “popular girls” for her. he knows she isnt like them and he knows what he wants.

  2. 1) I do not like Sutton and Thayer. Thayer’s is her best friend’s brother, her adoptive father is his best friend, he is also her godfather, and they grew up together; they are practically cousins or siblings.

    2) I do not have a single favorite. I like Emma supporting Laurel; every Emma / Sutton conversation particularly that last scene, and the conversation with Emma’s shafted adoptive father.

    3) Mad’s and the teach are interesting, Jury is still out until they develop this more.

    4) I like Justin and he is dead set on Laurel which I find sweet. This of course means he is likely a plant by whatever nefarious group is behind everything and using the poor little sister to get into the Mercer’s. It’s how these things seem to work.

    In closing, I like the Sutton/Emma relationship. Sutton has betrayal and abandonment issues and she bonds to Emma like nobody else in her life. I’d hate to see the friction that Emma stealing the man Sutton obviously is really into away. This is why I’m not into the Emma / Ethan thing.


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