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Home TV ‘The Lying Game’ Review: Over Exposed
‘The Lying Game’ Review: Over Exposed

‘The Lying Game’ Review: Over Exposed


I’m finally done screaming at my TV! Wow. I cannot get over this episode of The Lying Game! It featured amazing dresses, scandalous lip locks, huge revelations, and a baby mama. Okay, this show gets better every single week. First episode, great. It was enough to keep us interested and to get us to keep watching. Now? I’m eagerly awaiting next week’s episode!

It’s homecoming and love is definitely in the air… With a slight hint of betrayal and angst. I would just list out my favorite moments, but do you guys seriously want me to write out EVERYTHING that happened?

It’s going to be pretty hard picking just a few favorite moments, but I’ll just have to try my best!

1. Thayer and Sutton:
Okay, we seriously need more Thayer (Christian Alexander) in this show! I absolutely love his character and his gorgeous face. From the very beginning, I always knew that Sutton (Alexandra Chando) and Thayer had chemistry. It definitely showed during last night’s episode. Not only did they share a kiss, but they might have done a little more. I was pleasantly shocked by this. Now that we’re further along in the season, we’re starting to really grasp the character’s traits. Sutton is definitely the jealous type, and she doesn’t appreciate people having something of hers. You know, like a cute jacket, or some trendy shoes, or her family, friends, and her ‘secret’ boyfriend. Oops.

2. Laurel:
Well, at first I titled it “sisterly love,” but then I realized that I also loved Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Justin (Randy Wayne) during this episode. I adore the Emma and Laurel aspect. Even though Emma isn’t Laurel’s sister in the slightest, she’s still treating her like they’re blood. I’m really looking forward to how this will play out once Sutton returns.

Justin! Let me start off by saying that Randy Wayne can do no wrong! I love him with Laurel, but as I said in my last review, something is definitely up. My guess remains the same, that money has something to do with it.

“Why do I feel like it’s all going to end some how?” -Laurel

“Well, if it makes it any better, your amazing boyfriend isn’t going anywhere. You’re the best thing that has happened to me since I got here.” -Justin

My suspicion just doubled. What makes it even worse, was the look he gave after he hugged Laurel. Justin, you may seem like the perfect boyfriend in the world, but I’m on to you!

3. Alec Rybak:
One word comes to mind when describing Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar). Evil. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but he is extremely devious and conniving! First off, it is revealed that Sutton and Emma’s birth mother is still alive. It turns out that she is in some kind of medical center. Not only that, Alec is doing all in his power to keep Emma/Sutton from finding her. I’m trying to figure out why it’s so important to keep them separated, but I’m coming to a blank. Not only is he keeping Emma/Sutton away from Mama Hobbs, but he also, sort of, confessed to Emma that he is completely aware of the switch. Uh oh. If things couldn’t get worse, it also seems that Mr. Rybak has plans for Eduardo (Rick Malambri), Mads’ (Alice Greczyn) dance instructor. Possibly about Eduardo over hearing his conversation on the phone. Wow, this man will do ANYTHING to get what he wants.

4. Emma and Ethan:
This was inevitable. I love Emma and Ethan (Blair Redford), and my love only grew stronger during last night’s episode! I don’t know where to begin! It’s obvious that Ethan has been having doubts about his relationship with Sutton, but those doubts only grew stronger after his brother’s wise words:

“If someone’s trying to hide the fact that they’re with you, it’s not a real relationship.” -Dan Whitehorse

So. True. Sutton has to start realizing that her actions have consequences. Oh, and was this consequence the most jaw-dropping of all! Emma and Ethan kissed. Yes, they kissed in the first episode, but this was… Wow. They completely went against Sutton’s wishes, and now everyone knows that Sutton/Emma and Ethan are a thing. I’m cheering inside.

5. Annie Hobbs:
We found out quite a few things about Mama Hobbs (Stacy Edwards). One, she’s alive. That’s a relief! Two, she’s a painter. I saw that one coming, I mean, she signed the ceiling. Three, she seems to be in some kind of medical hospital. Most likely the mental kind. And last, but definitely not least, she knew Alec Rybak and Ted Mercer in high school. More questions are already popping up in my head! Can it be next Monday already?!

Okay, I LOVED this episode. I know, I say this every week, but this had to be my favorite episode of The Lying Game thus far. It lures us deeper and deeper in every week. I’m just really anxious to see what’s going to happen. Especially after the promo they released for the next episode. It’s official. Monday’s just got so much more interesting.

Rating: A+


  1. yeah i loved this episode too. and i agree with everything you said above. justin is diffidently up to something, just don’t know what yet. and i just love ETHAN/EMMA together at the prom. they finally forgot sutton for a moment and gave into their own feelings. i can’t wait for next week’s ep so we can find out more about the birth mother and why its so important that nobody finds her.


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