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Home TV ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Three Premiere: The Birthday
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Three Premiere: The Birthday

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Three Premiere: The Birthday


Hey there, TVD fans! After three long months of waiting, The Vampire Diaries has finally returned! It kicked off its third season in full swing, it did not disappoint one bit! Throughout the whole episode, I was going crazy! Honestly, I laughed, I cried, I even screamed. I say this after I watch every episode of TVD, but really, this had to be my favorite episode yet.

During the whole episode we see where our beloved characters have ended up.

Full on Rippah, but he still has his humanity. In this episode he killed two women, and put their bodies back together. According to Damon (Ian Somerhalder), that’s how he shows his remorse. Odd, but I’ll take it! Later, he runs into a very handsome werewolf, Ray Sutton (David Gallagher). He ends up torturing him with, not only wolfsbane, but also darts. Yeah, you read that right. He was going along with it until he over heard Klaus speaking of Damon. Saying that he’ll “handle him.” This is when Stefan shows his first sign of humanity. He offers to handle the situation, and wow. He does. Stefan ends up compelling Andie Starr (Dawn Olivieri) to kill herself. Yes, this was extremely cruel, but it was the only way to get Damon to leave Stefan be. That was honestly the only way to keep him safe. Not only that, but on Elena’s birthday he calls her. He doesn’t speak, but the look on his face made me cry my eyes out! His face showed how hurt he was, and his guilt for what he was doing. It was heartbreaking.

Yes, he’s very far gone. He’s a killer, and a psychopath, but he still has his humanity. He still cares for his brother, and Elena (Nina Dobrev).

It’s her birthday! Honestly? From what I gather, all Elena has been up to is trying to find Stefan, which hasn’t been so successful. She’s had a few leads, but Damon would usually shoot down any hope for her. She’s also been getting really close to Damon. (Cue Delena fangirl screams.)

I can sum this up in a few words. He’s still sexy, he’s looking for his brother, and he’s getting closer to Elena. Pretty simple, no?

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is the same! He’s still diabolical and evil and perfect. Not to mention, he has an amazing fake southern accent. I had to fan myself while he was talking. He’s calling the shots, and you better hide your Doppelgängers, hide your werewolves, and hide your witches. He has plans. He’s making hybrids. This cannot end well.

The second season ended with Jeremy (Steven McQueen) being able to see his dead ex-girlfriends. Nothing really has changed since then. He can still see them, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s freaked out. Apparently, he’s turned back to drugs. The only plus side is that he’s working at the Mystic Grill! Matty is not alone anymore!

Typically, the jealous ex. While Tyler and Caroline are in their kind of, not really relationship, Matt (Zach Roerig) is trying his hardest to avoid them. I’m just happy that he actually has a storyline this season. I officially ship Jeremy and Matt.

I honestly have no clue. She was in this episode for about 30 seconds. All we know is that she’s with her dad, and she has absolutely no clue about Jeremy being able to see his dead ex-girlfriends. Hopefully, we’ll see more Bonnie (Kat Graham) during the next episode!

Well, it’s obvious that Alaric (Matt Davis) is still mourning the loss of Jenna (Sara Canning). He’s been living with Elena and Jeremy, sleeping on their couch. According to him, he’s a bad influence and a horrible guardian. I wouldn’t disagree, I mean, he was at Elena’s birthday party. Letting the kids drink alcohol. As he drank alcohol. We still love you, Alaric.

He’s pretty much just horny. All the time. Okay, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) had to be my absolute favorite thing about this episode! I loved them! It turns out that in the time gap, their friendship evolved, but that’s all. No relationship as of yet. Though, when Tyler decides to bring a date to Elena’s party, it’s obvious that Caroline has a problem with it. She actually compels his date to leave. This results in Tyler asking Caroline to reveal how she truly feels about their status. Cue werepire sex.

Caroline is definitely the perfect party planner! She sets up a huge birthday party for Elena, but it ends up not being too much fun for her. To start things off, Tyler brings a date. If that wasn’t bad enough, Matt’s ignoring her. Talk about boy trouble.

The good thing is that she works things out with Tyler. She works them out so well in fact, that she sleeps with him. Was I the only one that yelled out “Forwood” during this scene?

As she’s leaving the Lockwood house, Caroline bumps into Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters). Instead of being a good host, Mrs. Lockwood shoots Caroline with vervain. Ouch.

This episode was perfect. It was everything I was hoping for and more. I’m a die-hard TVD fan, and Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have done it again. I cannot wait until next Thursday!

Rating: A++++


  • How did you like the season premiere?
  • How do you think Mrs. Lockwood found out about Caroline?
  • What was your favorite moment during last night’s episode?
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  1. I LOVED every moment of this episode! I feel so heartbroken over Stefan…and Damon whew, HOT HUNK! I don’t want him and Elena to get together but it’s inevitable, sure its going to be a storyline…sooner or later. Can’t wait for next week.

  2. LOVED this episode. i too dont want damon and elena together. but sooner or later im sure thats going to happen. but OMG i loved when klaus was in TN and was using a tn accent. and this is the first time i actually liked stefan. he needs to continue to be the ripper. love this dark side of him. i never liked mrs. lockwood but i was so surprised to see her do that to caroline. not sure how she found out the truth about her. guess someone in the council figured it out and told her?


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